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Modesh World… is the longest running indoor entertainment event in summer with over 200,000 visitors


For more than two decades, the “fantastic” character, lovable character and familiar face associated with Dubai’s schedule of festivals, including the “Dubai Summer Surprises” festival, has never aged well. Right from his first appearance in 2000 till today, Modesh has been the most loved and loved character across the city.

While adding a fun atmosphere to his lake-inspired summer home, Modesh World, where Modesh and his girlfriend Dana live, Modesh is thanks to a team of volunteers, led by a team of expert organizers, who work tirelessly and tirelessly year after year to bring Modesh to life. Modesh World is a free-entry, family-friendly destination where kids and parents can interact with everyone’s favorite characters in Dubai.

In line with Modesh’s slogan “Live your adventure in my world”, this year more suspense and fun await Modesh visitors than previous editions, “Modesh World” celebrates all seasons of the year, with live performances, various games, educational workshops, competitions and challenges.

Suhaila Saqr Obaid Qobash, Executive Director of Events and Festivals, Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation said, “Our core team consists of five creative and dedicated people who work hard throughout the year on all things Dubai Summer Surprises Festival. The design and launch of the festival requires a large team of people to collaborate, and the process takes a full year of hard work each time to present the event in its final and enhanced image.

The city’s longest-running indoor entertainment event is set to attract 200,000 visitors this summer, offering a range of fun and exciting activities for families and children during the school holidays. Amazing World returns with a better look than previous editions and a bigger and better area, with more than 350 entertainment areas spread over 30,000 square meters.

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This year, Modesh World has included some new additions in line with the UAE Year of Sustainability. This year’s edition of Modesh World is themed “Today is Tomorrow” which presents a number of initiatives and activities that reflect the UAE’s firm commitment to sustainability and a good opportunity to visit the city and learn the soul of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, God Bless. About caring for the planet and heritage of the UAE.

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