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Mohamed Salah is the biggest striker for Liverpool




By breaking records with his club Liverpool, Mohamed Salah became the greatest striker the English club has ever seen, and his goal against Manchester City to once again prove the Egyptian star was uniquely brilliant, why he stands in front of the best players playing football.

There can be no doubt that Salah is a Liverpool legend, one of the most admired stars of all time to wear the famous red shirt, but is he the best striker of all time?

A question asked by the “Daily Mail” was answered by revisiting the lives of many stars who have passed the “Reds” throughout its history, as noted at the beginning of the report on the Kenny Douglish shot against Everton. After 20 seconds of Goodison Derby’s goal in 1985, and Ian Rush’s goal, he described at Wembley as “wonderful” against the neighbors, but many years later, the Liverpool stars’ amazing touches, such a brilliant goal as Salah’s goal against City last Sunday?

The newspaper pointed out that Salah was still scoring tough goals at a rate of 1.5 to one, which was more than twice that of Talclis, and far better than Russia, the final result of his football career. 2.05 games, but the late Roger Hunt maintained Salah’s goal percentage in every game for 11 years and over 400, although Liverpool were second in the first three seasons.

Rush has scored 19 goals in four of his 14 seasons with Liverpool, and has failed to achieve this goal in the four seasons he has spent at the club, and with 9 out of 9 this season, he does not appear to have failed in the fifth season.

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When Douglish and Rush joined Liverpool, local sovereignty was a constant process for him, and complacency was the only enemy, while Salah joined Liverpool at the time, chasing the English Premier League title he had been waiting for for 30 years. At heart he would not hold the candle to Douglish’s place, but to the attacking genius, he was the best.

Salah can be said to be the best striker to have played for Liverpool in the Premier League era, not only for the goals he scored, but also for his ingenuity in all the major conflicts for his team, and for Ian Rush, and Salah’s magnificent goal came in an emotional week. He also said goodbye to Roger Hunt, who scored 285 goals in his career with Liverpool, and Rush surpassed them with 346 goals.

This figure, no matter how much Salah tries to get close to him, cannot be surpassed, but when you mention Salah along with these giants, you can see the amazing impact he has made since he came from Rome. 2017, but before he went to Juventus for Rs 3.2 million, in the two years between 1980 and 1987, we could not say that he had beaten Rush, who had crossed his target twice.

Rush’s old teammate Mark Lawrence explains: “What you have to remember is that in the first 20 minutes he played when the defenders could escape the attack. The pitches he played were terrible. Our team was not ready to attack like this now.”

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According to Roger Hunt, he was one of those who changed the history of Liverpool in the sixties, and then came Michael Owen, who was quoted in the “Daily Mail” newspaper as saying that if he had been without injuries at Liverpool, his value would have increased by the existing 200 200 million.


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The Brazilian’s assurances put Ancelotti in trouble with Real Madrid



The Brazilian’s assurances put Ancelotti in trouble with Real Madrid

By: Hani Abdel Nabi

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 08:40 PM

Italian Carlo Ancelotti has been assured by the Brazilian Football Confederation that he will take up Selecao national team duties in the coming period after his contract with Real Madrid expires, according to press reports.

According to Brazilian newspaper “G Globo”, the Brazilian Football Confederation has enough guarantees for Carlo Ancelotti’s future in the Brazilian national team, especially after the end of his contract with Spanish Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti’s contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the current 2023-2024 season, allowing an agreement to be reached within months of him officially announcing his takeover.

Carlo Anciotti, coach of the Brazil national team

It comes as Brazilian press reports revealed that the local federation there has signed Italian Carlo Ancelotti to lead the Samba national team, amid reports that Spanish giants Real Madrid are looking to extend his contract until the end of June 2025 and beyond. Season, now to present the details of his contract with Merengue, a few hours before… Classico Brazil vs Argentina In the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, it ended with Tango’s victory.

According to sources within the Brazilian Football Confederation, the network confirmed:Full game“Carlo Ancelotti signed a contract with Brazil, everything is calm, there is no risk of anything happening.

The “Football Spain” website confirmed that Ancelotti had avoided answering questions about his future for most of last year, but declared that he was happy at Real Madrid and that he would be satisfied if the club wanted him to stay. ..

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Ancelotti told Napoli’s Champions League press conference tomorrow: “I don’t want to talk about my future or renewing my contract.”

The Real Madrid coach added: “Napoli is a big team, a strong competitor, and has a very strong attacking line. Tomorrow, Real Madrid will top this group. We will go on to victory.

Ancelotti continued: “We got these results despite all the injuries, which shows that the team is fantastic.”

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Taking place in the “House of Horrors”… A fateful clash for Galatasaray’s stronghold Manchester United | game



Taking place in the “House of Horrors”… A fateful clash for Galatasaray’s stronghold Manchester United |  game

He returns to “hell” tomorrow, 30 years after leaving the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul, carrying behind him the disappointment of one of the worst nights in Manchester United’s history of being knocked out of the Champions League. Turkey’s Galatasaray is an exceptional fixture, and another he is trying to avoid going out on.

United enter the competition sitting bottom of Group One, so their campaign could end prematurely if they lose again to the Turkish side, who shocked them by beating them 2-3 at home in the second round.

On November 3, 1993, the “Red Devils” were eliminated from the continental competition (3-3 in the first leg), after being satisfied, they would meet in the fifth and final round. A goalless draw at the club’s Turkish stronghold.

United, coming off a campaign that led to the Premier League title at the time, were hoping to make their first run in the competition longer since 1969, even after settling for a draw at home.

Galatasaray fans usually turn their castle into hell for the visiting team (Getty)

But he did not expect to live in “hell” in Istanbul before his players set foot on the field, with thousands of Galatasaray fans greeting him at the airport with hostile chants and a highly visible banner reading “Welcome to hell”.

United’s manager at the time, Scottish legend Alex Ferguson, described the intimidation he and his players suffered as “the worst hostility and harassment I have ever experienced in my life”.

But United, clearly affected by the volcanic atmosphere at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium, failed to achieve the desired result and Galatasaray equalized as it was only the beginning of the dream. Difference.

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As was the case before and during the match, the result was chaotic, with French star Eric Cantona hit with a baton by a Turkish policeman after he was sent off after the final whistle.

“Tea Party”

United midfielder Bryan Robson tried to save Cantona when he fell on the concrete stairs leading to the dressing room, injuring his arm and requiring 6 stitches.

United midfielder Paul Ince spoke of what he and his teammates experienced that evening, saying, “There was incredible hatred. Even the police started fighting us. I remember one of the police officers hitting Eric on the head.”

For another United player, Gary Pallister, the atmosphere of United’s matches at Anfield, the home of their local rivals Liverpool, seemed like a “tea party” compared to what they experienced at home to Galatasaray.

Stones were thrown at the United bus as it left the stadium, leaving a shocked Ferguson shouting “I don’t want to go there again”.

But he had to return there a year later to meet the Turkish side in the group stage, and he failed to find the net again, settling for a goalless draw, which later contributed to the start of his career by finishing third in the group. Behind Gothenburg, Sweden and Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Galatasaray is a “house of terror” for United, who have failed to win on three visits to the Turkish side’s home ground, the last of which was a clean sheet in the group stage in November 2012.

Despite the closure of the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in 2010, visiting the banks of the Bosphorus remains one of the most difficult tasks in European football.

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There is no doubt that Galatasaray’s fans will be no less excited than they were 30 years ago, especially since the team will play Bayern Munich until the quarter-finals of the continental championship, a difficult task on Wednesday in front of more than 52 thousand spectators who will face United very much. .

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Al Hilal hosts Saudi Arabia champions Uzbekistan to secure AFC Champions League lead



Al Hilal hosts Saudi Arabia champions Uzbekistan to secure AFC Champions League lead

Arafa al-Daba wrote

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 01:00 AM

The group resolves crescent moon In the 2024 AFC Champions League, Saudi Arabia host Uzbek side Navpakor Namangan this evening, Tuesday evening.

As part of the fifth round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League in the current season 2023, the match between Al Hilal Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan will be played at the Central Stadium today at 6 pm Cairo time. 2024.

Tonight’s clash will witness a strong battle between the Saudi side and Uzbekistan’s Nafpakor to clinch the top spot in Group Four after both teams qualified earlier.

Al Hilal finished top of group four with 10 points and qualified for the round of 16, drawing with Nawpakhor and after beating Nezaji and Mumbai in the previous three rounds, Nawpakhor finished second with the same number of points. Two teams qualify for the Round of 16.

On the other hand, Nasaji and Mumbai teams are officially out of the Asian Championships after finishing third and fourth with 3 points and 0 respectively.

Al Hilal will look to continue their winning streak after securing a crucial 2-0 win over India’s Mumbai City FC in the fourth round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League 2023 in a match that pits the two teams against each other. 2024, so Al-Jaeem punched a ticket to qualify for the round of 16 of the tournament.

Al-Jaeem will be heading into tonight’s clash after a recent big win against Al-Hazm with a 9-0 scoreline in the match that brought them together at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in the 14th round of the Saudi Professional. League competition.

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