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Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Saeed: Homeland of the United Arab Emirates Opportunities


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, confirmed the readiness of the United Arab Emirates. COP28 Conference on 2023. Their dignitaries stressed that if he succeeds in hosting, the UAE will be a country of opportunities, cooperation and positive action.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said on Twitter: “The United Arab Emirates has submitted a request to host the COP28 Conference in 2023 … hosting the largest global conference of heads of state and government on climate and environmental issues. Many countries have supported our request to announce the country’s choice for the next two days We look forward to the UAE being ready for a global event if we succeed in hosting.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed said on Twitter: “In the next two days, the host country for the COP28 climate conference will be selected in 2023. The UAE is a country of opportunities, cooperation and positive action, and we are ready to hold the largest international conference and meeting to address the climate challenges facing the planet.” Earth “.

At the relevant level, the United Arab Emirates has worked to protect the environment from its establishment and, within the framework of this approach, is keen to participate in efforts to meet the challenge of climate change over the past three decades. Thanks to the visions and guidance of its brilliant leadership, it has become a leading global model through its radical actions and innovative initiatives and solutions in many fields, all of which strive to ensure a better future for present and future generations.

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During the work of the new session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow, United Kingdom, many international officials expressed their gratitude to the United Arab Emirates’ efforts in the field of climate action in exclusive statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM. Over the past decades, He praised the support and commitment of many of the pledges announced during the “Pledge of Leaders Towards Nature”, which compels the international community. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has announced that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure will take the necessary steps to achieve sustainable development, pave the way for the recovery of natural and biodiversity by 2030, and a comprehensive national plan aimed at achieving leadership in the field of hydrogen. Supporting local low-carbon industries, announcing an increase in the target of planting 100 million trees in mangrove forests by 2030, and a number of initiatives by federal and local government agencies to work with the private sector.

Rachel Omamu, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kenya, said: “I congratulate the United Arab Emirates on these achievements, including the launch of the Agricultural Innovation Initiative to increase and focus on climate-wise agricultural systems during the COP26 conference. Productivity in the agricultural sector to meet the challenges of climate change indicates that the UAE is working with various African countries to implement this initiative.

Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy of the Arab Republic Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mahina confirmed that Egypt supports the United Arab Emirates’ efforts in the field of climate change. At the “COP28” conference, Egypt announced its support for hosting the United Arab Emirates Conference. COP27, and it reflects the strength of relations between the two countries, and the structure of these two events is clearly reflected in two consecutive years. He pointed out that the United Arab Emirates, which has agreed to establish an eco-friendly city, is a pioneer in the field of sustainability. All kinds of renewable energies are used.

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Mohammed bin Yahya, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Energy Change and Sustainable Development in the Kingdom of Morocco, said: “The UAE is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy and we are in the Kingdom. There are other important topics to benefit from the experience of the United Arab Emirates in the field of renewable energy and solar energy.

Sarah Morive, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Division of the International Energy Agency’s Directorate of Sustainability and Technology, expressed her appreciation for the sustainable projects implemented by the United Arab Emirates. The diversification of energy resources indicates that the UAE is committed to this field, which will lead to new innovations in tackling climate change.

Joseph McMonigel, Secretary-General of the International Energy Agency (IAEA), said: Technology refers to the technological advancement that the UAE has seen in the field of addressing the challenges of climate change. (Left)

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