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Moscow is reforming its foreign policy .. Will the engagement rules change?


According to a report Russian Ministry of Foreign AffairsFollowing the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a meeting was held to discuss the preparation of a new version of Russia’s foreign policy: To eradicate Russia as well, including recovering Europe’s racist view from the Russobopia cave.

He went on to say, “While Washington has completely subjugated the West, it has gone beyond its irreversible position to maintain its absolute hegemony over the world and to suppress the objective process of creation. Multi-polar world“.

Observers and experts believe that the move has reached a dangerous level of tension between Moscow and Washington, which necessitates a reconsideration of all the rules of the conflict between the two sides in the international arena. The post-World War II world. Ukrainian war This marks the worst international crisis since World War II.

That this moment is becoming almost a turning point in the scene of international relations and equilibrium, and the formula of the post-Cold War world andDissolution of the Soviet Union In favor of the emergence of forces and characters demanding polygamy, the former is almost breathless.

Commenting on Russia’s decision to reconsider its position on Russian foreign policy. Mohammed Saleh al-Harbi, a strategist and researcher on international relations, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “We are at the height of this war, entering its fourth month. We see a war, an energy and gas war, a technology and information war, a psychological and intelligence war, and so on.

He added: “The whole world is on the brink of extinction, especially as it is deeply affected by the effects of this dangerous war. Food security With the onset of the global food crisis and the panic of famine, even in many parts of the world, international and international organizations speak, supply and distribution chains around the world have been disrupted and damaged in this environment. , Due to the effects of the Ukrainian crisis.

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Al-Harbi continues: “We face a new geopolitical map of control and influence around the world based on the results. Fracture war These are the future consequences, and in the meantime, the race to get time and wear out will scream aches and pains before wrestling and others, but ultimately it is necessary to reach medium solutions because the cost is too high for the world. In all, more than 52 countries have been reluctant to pay their debts, and 12 one country has been completely unable to repay it, and be careful.

Accordingly, the strategic and military expert believes: “This Russian declaration is in complete agreement with Moscow’s attempt to use and execute its various cards and pressure tools against Washington.NATOIt also released a list of non-aligned countries presented by the United States, reconsidering its foreign policy on them.

Therefore, he adds: “War and conflict countries generally exchange punitive measures during times of crisis and war, and review their overall positions and policies in light of this, especially after massive Western financial inflows. UkraineIts infrastructure was almost completely destroyed by the Russian army, which almost separated the eastern and southern Ukrainians from the rest of the country, proving that the game is open and there really is a war between. Russia And the United States. “

This is a frantic, full-scale war between the Russian and Atlantic parties, al-Harbi sees it as: We can understand its purpose of crystallizing an idea, what is new to Russia’s foreign policy in the light of this war, the international reforms and the position it has brought, and the new world in which we need to redesign our policies and strategies.

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