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Most likely candidates to play the role of Superman

Monday 15 May 2023 / 15:39

The search for the perfect actor to star in Superman Legacy or “Superman Legacy” continues, some 7 months after American James Gunn took on the job of producing and directing the film.

The last part of the movie was Man of Steel or Man of Steel in 2013, starring Canadian Henry Cavill, who in 2017 took part in the role of Superman in the movie “Justice League”, which was a second success, unlike his first film.

Issued by the newspaperExpressOn Monday, The British Today named the favorites to win the role in a new episode of the series.

In a press release, James Gunn said that the casting of the actor for the role of Superman is pending, and that the job situation is ready, stressing that previous heroes who played the role were not included in the nominations.

The British newspaper listed 4 names that were considered to be highly recommended for the role

1) Nicholas Holt

The British actor tops the list of given names, especially after he became famous for his role as “The Beast” in the “X-Men” franchise and as Count Dracula’s servant “Renfield” opposite Nicolas Cage.

2) David Korensvedt

He is an “exact copy” of Henry Cavill, and despite his obscurity, he made a notable appearance in the 2022 horror film “Pearl,” which was a huge hit in theaters, making “Superman” his career opportunity.

3) Jacob Elordi

He is the youngest of the contestants, and if he wins the championship, and the job becomes a mass success, the production company should adopt him in the next parts of the movie. It has been reported that he will play the character of the late Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic.
4) Andrew Richardson

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A British-Canadian actor who starred in the 2019 World War II film A Call to Spy. Despite his sense of humor, critics suggest him as Superman.