June 7, 2023

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Mr. Neymar .. son of Jamalek who passed through Thailand

Mr. Neymar .. son of Jamalek who passed through Thailand

Recently, the young player of the Jamalek team, Saeed Abdullah, known as “Neymar”, appeared in front of Jamalek’s fans after participating in the first two matches of the African Champions League and then playing in the second match against Barco. In the Premier League.

Neymar, who played 19 minutes against Chakrada in the Champions League, then played in the 59th minute against Farco, and showed his prowess to White Castle fans despite Jamalek going out in the draw without a goal.

Neymar was able to attract the attention of Portuguese coach Jesualdo Ferreira, who led the team’s training, and after Frenchman Patrice Carteron, became one of the components of the team on which he had recently relied.

But who is Neymar’s master?

Neymar was born in January 2000 and began his career at the club’s academy in 2009, the following year joining the youth wing for 10 years.

The player spoke to Jamalek Chanel about the secret of getting the nickname Neymar: “My friends gave me the nickname Neymar because I love him and do the same hairstyles and colors for him. My skills are not the same as Neymar’s, but I play at the same level.

The player left Jamal in 2019 due to a lack of contract with the team, during which time he enjoyed playing in the second division of Thailand.

Neymar Upan has only played 6 matches for United in 6 months, in which he has scored two goals.

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Rifai Mohamed Rifai, former coach of Saeed Neymar and a member of the technical team at the Jamalek club’s youth wing, spoke of the player: “He was one of the most talented players and Jamal’s leader at the junior level.”

He continued, “Saeed plays very fast and in the center of the left wing, and is characterized by calmness and balance … he can reach the target as quickly as possible, but he has to work hard to complete the attack.”

He continued to express his talents: “A good player can create opportunities for himself and his teammates and be one of the best players in Egypt. He is very brave and has no fear.”

He added, “Ferrero’s pay for a master basically means a lot of confidence in the player’s skills because he knows who is a great coach and who deserves the chance to participate.”

He added, “Developing a master in the junior division at Jamalek gave him a lot of confidence, which appeared in the last match against Farco.”

Regarding the advice he gathers to ask, his former coach said: “If he continues to play for the team, he would like to be with the club, but if he does not, I hope he will go out of debt.

He concluded: “Debt will help him greatly. I am in constant contact with him. I advise him to fight for the current opportunity. He should consider it as a last resort and take advantage of it. He is a good player and deserves to be on the Jamalek team.

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