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Nadal .. 14 tunes in the “Roland Keros” music clip


PARIS – 14 titles Spanish legend Rafael Nadal has “his favorite” Roland Kross, as well as the number of clips in “Sonata” music at his second Grand Slam (Grand Slam).
A warrior clears the soil pitches
In 2004, Natalie’s name began to resonate strongly in yellow ball circles, but injury prevented him from making his first appearance at Roland Carros that year, raising expectations for a young miracle character with a strong direct hit, left arm. Of a warrior who challenged everyone.
In 2005, “Matador” was the talk of the hour in the dirty season, and he rose to fifth in the world rankings beyond his youth, and just 10 days before he turned 18, he recorded his first appearance in the competition. With a win in three sets against German Lars Berksmல்லller.
In the third round, another promising player of the same age knocked out Frenchman Richard Casquet, beating Swiss star Roger Federer in the Golden Square to the biggest surprise, then winning Argentina’s first title. Mariano Puerto, despite losing the first set on a run break the tie.
Beat the most talented player. “
The following year, Nadal went on to win the Paris Championship after a dirty season, and a series of unstoppable victories, and is desperate to win the title.
With Serbia’s Novak Djokovic out with an injury, despite the favorable conditions in the quarter – finals, the predictions about his prowess, which proved his worth through his second title with his first win in the final over, came true. Federer, also the first of the “consecutive” triples, was the one who brought them together at the time.
Strengthen dominance in his kingdom
The scene was no different for “Rafa” in next year’s edition, he came to Roland Karros as a candidate for the title, but this time he was on his own, with a lump in his throat as he lost to Federer in the final in Rome. Enough by adding the only Grand Slam title that wiped out his coffers full of titles.
After Australian Leighton Hewitt and his teammate and current coach Carlos Moya, and Djokovic won their third consecutive title with heavy names like Djokovic this time around, Nadal regained his winning streak. Again superior to Federer.
Non-stop registration numbers
Not an exception in 2008, Nadal added pride to Roland Karros, repeating what had happened in the 2007 edition, defeating Djokovic in the semifinals and then a new victory over “Maestro” Federer in the final. .
With this title, the 22-year-old Swedish legend was able to equalize his tally, reaching 4 consecutive titles in the competition, then pursuing the glittering Wimbledon title, then the Olympic medal, and the second Davis Cup title. , Finally ranking the world for the first time in his history.
Strong comeback to Quintet
The 2010 edition was not a good omen for Nadal, who lost in his first match to Sweden’s Robin Soderling in the semifinals, stopping to win 31 matches.
But Nadal regained his usual fighting spirit and began new “record” titles in his favorite courts, this time for five consecutive years.
The following year, fate gave Natal the chance to “take revenge” against the Swedish player, winning the fifth title of his career at the championship at his own expense, which was a precursor to other “historic” victories.
Magnificence continues in the presence of Djokovic
Although Nadal entered the world rankings as a leader in the 2011 tournament and was a key candidate for the title, of course, he faced great threats from Djokovic, who came into the match with no failures and excellent performances.
These fears were heightened by the fact that he appeared in his first match, in which he had to play 5 sets for the first time at Roland Cross against American John Isner.
However, as Nadal’s progress in the championship and gradually accelerated until the final, these fears began to fade, in which he proved his superiority with a new victory over Federer, and earned the title of 6 in his pocket. Number of Swedish legends.
His high school in Paris
Sweden Bork became a legend at Roland Karros thanks to his six victories, and Nadal was able to surpass him in a year, in which Djokovic made a strong comeback after defeating him in three consecutive Grand Slam finals. Became king of the Seventh Clay Grounds. Higher than war.
Ready for war
Of all Nadal’s victories at Roland Garros, the 2013 semifinal against Djokovic was the most epic, with four hours and 37 minutes of power fighting in that match and exchanging blows and balls at one point. In the eighth final, he easily won at the loss of David Ferrer, becoming the highest player to win the Roland Cross title.
Do not retreat in front of Novak
Nadal arrived in Paris in 2014 after losing his last five matches against Djokovic. The two reached a date in the final, which ended with the victory of the Spanish player, proving once again that he was the king of Roland Karos, adding his ninth title and the longest victory in the tournament.
Nadal was born again
After two years of defeat due to multiple injuries, Nadal returned to his favorite match in 2017, beating Swiss Stan Wawrinka in the final to claim his third title without losing a single set.
Equivalent to Margaret Court record
To match Margaret Court’s record of winning several titles at the Australian Open in 2018, there is no competitor at the Natal level who expects her eleventh title in Paris. The Spaniard defeated Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman in the semifinals, and in the final defeated Nadal’s successor Austrian Dominic Evil, who was considered by many to be Nadal’s successor, but he failed to win any set in that match.
No surprises
Nadal arrived in Paris in 2019, skeptical after a season he considered the weakness of his life on clay. The player admitted that he suffered a psychological breakdown due to several injuries, but his victory at the Rome Open boosted his morale. After losing a set against Belgium’s David Coffin, Nadal presented his credentials as one of the winning candidates for Roland Karros, and actually achieved it after defeating evil again in the final.
Kovit and cold climate
The 2020 Corona virus outbreak has postponed Roland Carros to September and October with low temperatures and humidity. Nadal played in only three matches and competed after losing to Swartzman at the Rome Open. The Spaniard confirmed at the time that the weather conditions were not helping him, but thanks to the good balance, the player advanced to the round of competition and adapted to the situation.
In the quarterfinals and semifinals, Nadal defeated Janek Isner and Schwartzman to advance to the final without losing a single set.
He played in the final against world number one Djokovic, and drove the Serbian players without a chance to win.
That year, Nadal won the Roland Keros title, reaching the twentieth Grand Slam title of his career, equaling Roger Federer of Switzerland.
One and a half feet record
After a good start to the season with Nadal’s second win at the Australian Open, the Spaniard has been ruled out with a hamstring injury, doubting whether he will be able to catch Roland Karros due to a problem with his left leg. The Spaniard had good results in the first rounds and advanced after the role.
In the final price, he revealed an epic game against Canadian player Felix Agar Eliasim, and in the quarter he provided an excellent match and technical work against Djokovic.
In the semi-final against Alexander Schwere, Nadal showed signs of exhaustion, but the German player was forced to withdraw from the game due to a serious injury.
In the final against Caspar Rudd in Norway, Nadal taught a tennis lesson to one of his academy students. – (F)

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