January 28, 2023

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Nadal in the Roland Corros semifinals after the epic against Djokovic

Nadal in the Roland Corros semifinals after the epic against Djokovic

Nadal won the match 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6 (7-4) in 4 hours and 12 minutes.

The “Philippe Chatterjee” stadium in Paris, the capital of France, was usually the scene of the 59th clash between the players and the tenth clash between them at the French Championships.

Joko leads the way with 30 wins, while Rafa has excelled 29 times.

Nadal, who holds the record for most titles at Roland Carros with thirteen titles, continues to advance despite suffering a hamstring injury and seeks to secure his place at the top of the rankings for most titles won. Grand Slam with twenty-one titles.

“Rafa” avenged his defeat in the semifinals of last year’s edition against the Serbian player who caused only his third defeat in the history of participating in Roland Karos.

Nadal will face German Alexander Sverrev in the last four rounds, the third player in the world to beat the promising Spaniard Carlos Alcaras.

Also in Roland Garros against Djokovic, “Modador” combined his wins into two against eight.

After the victory in front of the main court meeting, Philippe Chatterjee said: “I’m touched … it’s so much fun to play here … thank you so much for the support, it’s amazing for me. Everyone knows how important this is. I want to play here. Strange.” .

This is the first match between the two teams since last year’s semi-final. Nadal, who broke the partnership with Djokovic and Roger Federer of Switzerland in the number of Grand Slam titles, set the record at 21 when he was crowned at the Australian Open earlier this year after the Serbian denied his defense. Headline after deportation for not getting vaccinated against corona virus.

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“Novak is one of the best players in history, so playing against him has always been a challenge in our history,” Nadal said. After the win Nadal said, “It was another challenge today and you have to play your best from the first point to the last.”

Former France international Marion Bardoli, who interviewed him on the field, has repeatedly said that every match he plays may be over due to injury, after which he was told to continue the tournament, saying, “All I can say is one thing. I will see you in two days.”

Djokovic may be the most likely candidate to beat Natale due to his recent condition, as he has not failed in 22 consecutive sets in the series since his crowned Rome session earlier this month, confirming his record in the Masters sessions (38), losing to Natale today.

For the Spaniard, he entered the tournament after being forced against Canadian Felix Agar-Aliasim in the last eight to play in a five-team match for the third time in his history of participation in Roland Carros.

And there was a decisive moment in the fourth set when Djokovic translated two chances and failed to settle it and pull the match to the fifth set so Nadal won by imposing a tie-breaker and decided it was in his favor.