April 1, 2023

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Nagla Badr defends her husband after he was considered "insulting"

Nagla Badr defends her husband after he was considered “insulting”

Following reports that he was considered a “disgrace” by interested and followers and commentators on social networking sites, Egyptian artist Nakhla Badr rushed to the defense of her husband, businessman Mohammed Afifi: “I was surprised by the reaction of the audience. The texture and the lentil pie are very good, and I know it is moist.

He added, “I never imagined that this issue would take this far, and the public is protecting me. Of course they have a right, of course, if they do not make fun of them, they still have a right. I’m very happy to be safe and secure. “

She concluded: “Seriously, he behaved because it was his nature and he loved humor so much, praise be to God, this was the most beautiful trait he had and he was not afraid.

The Egyptian artist’s husband, Nagla Badr, sparked controversy with statements that his wife considered “provocative and insulting”: “He did not believe she was wearing a suit as a fat woman in one of her roles, and continued:” If this really happens, he will divorce her, of course, I took a specific sample for you. Take a sports utility vehicle, you’re on a bus and we’re on our way to the next station. “

To which the artist jokingly replied: “You are one of the men I campaign for, and you must bear when your wife is blind and treacherous.”

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Nagla Badrin’s husband raises controversy over “insulting” statements: he took up the Arab game

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