March 25, 2023

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Napoli stumbled over “Calcio” in a draw with Verona

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Napoli lost points for the second time this season in Italian Serie A 1-1 on home soil to Elas Verona on Sunday, but temporarily went one point ahead.

Coach Luciano Spalletti’s team maintained their unbeaten run of 32 points, one point ahead of Milan, ahead of the AC Milan summit against Inter Milan.

Verona had another great result against a big opponent, and Giovanni Simeone continued to score with the opening goal in the 13th minute.

The Argentine striker has scored for the ninth time in his last seven league games after scoring six goals in stunning victories against Lazio and Juventus.

It took five minutes for Napoli to equalize on a low shot from Giovanni de Lorenzo, and Victor Ozimhen and Lorenzo Inzane hit the post with a splurge.

Verona finished the game with nine players, with Daniel Pesa and Nicola Kaliniிக் being sent off for a second-minute last-minute warning, but he finished with one point in tenth place with 16 points.

In Rome, Lazio easily defeated Salneritana 3-0, finishing last, pushing city rivals Roma into fifth place.

Goals from Ciro Immobile and Pedro Rodriguez gave Mauricio Sarri a comfortable lead before the break, and Luis Alberto Salernitana added third place after scoring twice.

Udinese came from behind to beat Sassuolo 3-2 to put an end to eight games without a win, resulting in him finishing 14th, which was tied on 14 points with his opponent.

Sampertia’s problems continued with a 2-1 defeat to ninth – placed Bologna, while coach Roberto Daversa’s are 18th after a third consecutive defeat.

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