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NASA’s study of the red planet has uncovered something never seen before.


NASA’s diligent task force has unveiled a scene captured by exploration on the Red Planet, “never seen before.”
After exploring an interesting layered rock in the Jessero Gorge, the latest visible marvel of Rover Perseverance came.

The rover focused on scraping the surface of the rock using a scraping tool at the end of its robotic arm to determine if a sample was worth collecting.

The diligence team wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, November 9, “We saw something inside that no one had ever seen before. We wiped a small piece of this rock and removed the surface and looked under it. Then we noticed our next. Sample target.” Tuesday “.
Since NASA has been working on landing machines on Mars since the seventies of the last century, the phrase “something no one has ever seen” is somewhat exaggerated, and each of their missions reveals new images and information. So, the diligent survey cleared the surface and when he looked under the rock, he certainly found something he had never seen before.
These images sparked curiosity about the secrets of life on Mars. The diligence spacecraft will collect these samples for further study by scientists on Earth.
Visitors to Mars noticed something interesting near the eroded area of ​​the rock. If you zoom in on the image, you will see a small white triangle. Other white dots scatter around the center circle of the triangle, and the small triangular piece inside the circle may be a random rock.

Diligence is an essential part of rover work. NASA is designing a future mission to go to Mars, take samples collected by its rover and return to Earth. Work is still in development, but some new areas of Mars will be available for exploration in the early 2030s.
The rover has a total of 43 sample collecting tubes, so NASA makes strategic decisions about which rocks to collect. Clearing the surface of the bedrock helps the task force determine if the site is suitable for the model.

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