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Nature, Art and Leisure: Dubai is also suitable for small budgets


Dubai is not about glamor and luxury. There are plenty of places to buy on a budget, especially the huge Hazar Mountains in Hatta, ideal for outdoor activities. C is probably the most gigantic system he can enjoy without spending. .

Hiking in the Hazar Mountains

On the site, we find a trekking enthusiast who has created a blog that offers some Best walking paths In the United States.

“The mountains here are beautiful, there are hiking and mountain biking trails where you can explore and exercise this natural setting.” Asra Osipavisut, the creator of the blog, points out “Road Reel”.

The young woman continues:“The entire route network is approximately 32 km long, with a minimum of 1 km. These paths are color coded according to the level of difficulty, so you can start with the easiest green, and then progress. The black to black is the hardest, the blue and red tracks are at the intermediate level.” She explains.

“It’s good to start early. You have to get up at 4 in the morning to start the hike at 6 in the morning. Before that, it’s still nice because it heats up very quickly.” She advises.

“As for the product, the priority is water: you should always start with enough water: I would say at least two liters for the minimum elevation and five liters for the longest elevation, for example 15 km,” She believes.

History and Contemporary Art

In this region, a visit to Hatta is essential. His Historic Village It immerses us in the local history by presenting the centuries-old rural way of life here in the camp of Hatta Fort.

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After the morning’s efforts, we change our pace and scenery to discover many aspects of Dubai’s art scene.

The Jameel Art Center Al Jaddaf District is one of the contemporary art institutions of Dubai, hosting free international exhibitions throughout the year. Its director Antonia Carver shows us around.

“At the Jameel Art Center, we use the principle of accessible art.” She insists. “This is a museum of contemporary art in Dubai and we offer exhibitions dedicated to one or more artists: we have a library, workshops for children, exchanges between adults, we offer movies and a sculpture park and gardens for our artists.” She explains.

“These exhibitions and works can be interpreted in different ways, so we invite the public to come and see us many times. Everything is free.” Antonia Carver insists.

“It simply came to our notice then Fantastic “Age of You” exhibition It’s about how technology affects us as human beings and transforms us into data and how artists see this new world. “ She mentions.

Fountain shows and fairgrounds

Dubai is also famous for its free fountain shows. Opposite Jameel Art Center, Fantasy Dubai Festival City Captivates the audience with water, music and light games.

On the neighborhood side Downtown Dubai, The springs form their show, symbolizing the city Recently installed at The Point The world’s largest crown was crowned.

As night falls, the family crowd swells World VillageEnjoy cheap treats, rides and free entertainment. By spending the equivalent of 5 euros on a ticket, you will reach this 1.6 million m² site, which offers 42,000 shows and performances each season, with a modest amount of activity inside. 3,500 stores.

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78 cultures are represented in 26 pavilions. Thanks to its 300 street food outlets, Global Village has the region’s largest offer for this type of food. Among the dishes to taste, the traditional Emirati flat bread is called “Rikak”, but frozen desserts from Asia.

Finally, thrill seekers can especially opt for the slingshot merry-go-round: it offers maximum pleasure for a minimal budget.

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