February 8, 2023

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Netflix is ​​preparing to steal the live broadcast feature from the TV

Netflix is ​​preparing to steal the live broadcast feature from the TV

WASHINGTON – The streaming platform Netflix is ​​developing a live streaming feature as part of a new recipe to improve its arsenal of series, movies, shows and documentaries, thereby trying to cope with the decline in its number of users in recent months. .

The site, which suffers from competition and stagnation, seems to be adopting not only the use of television from previously confirmed commercials but also the live broadcast feature, with a tendency to accept low-cost subscriptions.

Netflix has confirmed that it is in the early stages of developing a live streaming feature for unrecorded shows and stand-up comedy shows.

Support for live broadcasts will allow the stage to broadcast recent live interviews conducted by the real estate reality show “Sale Sunset”, as well as enable live voting for dance competitions and other competition events.

You can use the Netflix feature to stream live comedy shows. This year, the stage hosted the first live and personal comedy festival called “Netflix Joke”.

The Los Angeles-based event lasted several days and featured more than 130 popular comedians including Ali Wong, Phil Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulani and many more.

About 12 shows are scheduled to air on the service and several shows have been filmed. The platform will start airing these shows later this month and until June.

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