March 30, 2023

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New crisis for actor Captain Ashraf Jackie due to Ahmed Jackie's possession!

New crisis for actor Captain Ashraf Jackie due to Ahmed Jackie’s possession!

The new crisis faced by the cast of Captain Artist Ashraf Jackie in Egypt as the late artist’s sister Mona Attia has hit the cast’s captain with a loss due to the possession of the late Egyptian star Ahmed Jackie. Her brother’s property – as she describes -.

In a statement to the Egyptian media, Mona Attia said Ahmed Jackie’s family knew nothing about his assets, noting that the cast’s captain, Ashraf Jackie, had ignored these assets.

Mona confirmed that Ashraf Jackie’s tombs were promised at the time of the burial of Haitham Ahmed Jackie, and that these collections became the property of the Egyptian people, and I will place them in a place worthy of a museum or the history of the best artist. , But he did not fulfill this promise and did not respond to his calls anymore.

Atiya was critical of the cast’s captaincy and his failure to protect his brother’s property, noting that he had not kept his promise to the family.

Ashraf Jackie ignored their calls and did not answer them last time, and he claimed responsibility for the loss of Ahmed Jackie’s property.

He pointed out that the family of the late artist Ahmed Jackie was deliberately ignored by the Actors Guild and the Ministry of Culture and that they were subjected to injustice by the Actors Guild on the day of Haidam’s death. News reports on television that his family had not come to retrieve Ahmed Jackie’s body on the day of his death confirmed that this was not true.

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He added that his brother Ahmed Jackie’s belongings were mentioned in letters and family matters and that it was not appropriate for strangers to see them.

Third parties, who did not want to be identified, said they would pay $ 3 million to buy the goods.

So far, Dr Ashraf Zaki, president of the Actors Guild, has not commented on the matter and has not confirmed or denied the validity of the allegations against him and the association.

The crisis erupted about a year ago, after Rami, the brother of the late Haitham Ahmed Jackie, claimed that one of the lawyers had deceived him and lost the possessions he had trusted.

Artist Ashraf Jackie is currently working on the second season of “Ela Ana” series “My Story with Time” starring Mervat Amin, Ahmed Khalil, Heidi Refat, Ahmed Jamal Saeed, Rehab Arafa, Shahista Chad and Essam El Sakka. , Ahmed Wali, Ratwa Gowda, Yasmin Rahmi and many more stars, written by Amin Kamal and directed by Ahmed Hassan.