June 4, 2023

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New financial agreement worth millions of dollars for Gaza, in coordination with Qatar Finance and the United Nations

New financial agreement worth millions of dollars for Gaza, in coordination with Qatar Finance and the United Nations

The multi-million dollar funding mechanism for the Jerusalem (CNN) Gaza Strip has been agreed, which will strengthen the weakened ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Starting next month, 100,000 families in need will receive $ 100 a month, Qatar will pay and be distributed by the United Nations, according to a Qatari government report.

Israel, which is unlikely to make a new arrangement without its approval, praised the new mechanism, saying “it will ensure that funding reaches those in need while protecting Israel’s security needs.”

Qatar has been sending millions of dollars to Gaza over the years, providing economic support to the coast – besieged by Israel and Egypt since 2007 – and is seen as important in preventing further poverty.

But earlier this year, Israel stopped allowing transfers, complaining that it directly benefits Hamas.

In recent weeks, the armed group in Gaza and others have said they are considering resuming tensions with Israel, following agreements to end the 11-day war last May.

Since the beginning of July, spark devices carried by balloons in several cases have been fired at Gaza Falls to set fire to fields in Israel, leading to retaliatory Israeli airstrikes.

On Monday, militants fired two rockets at Israel, the first time since the fighting in May. But contrary to expectations, Israel has not responded to these initiatives, a sign that today’s financial announcement may come soon.

In a statement welcoming the announcement, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kantz said the current partnership between the United Nations and Qatar on fuel purchases would allow UN officials to buy fuel for Gaza with financial assistance from Qatar.

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“Under the new mechanism, the United Nations will oversee Israeli beneficiaries who transfer financial aid directly to their bank accounts for tens of thousands of Kazans,” Kantz added.

The Israeli Defense Minister thanked the United Nations, Qatar and the United States for achieving this, and he isolated Egypt – its intelligence chief Abbas Kamal was in Israel on Wednesday for meetings – which he described as a “cornerstone for peace, stability and maintenance”. Security in the area. “