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New Forum Meets Contracting Students


The Management, Economics and Human Sciences Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in El Jadida organized on Thursday the first edition of the Employment Forum, in collaboration with the Socio-Economic Partners Group. Building communication bridges between institutions and graduate students.

Organized under the slogan “Employment 4.0.. Better Professional Integration”, the forum attracted dozens of students from various university study tracks throughout the day, as well as many students from other faculties of the Soueib Dougkali University in El Jadida. Attended to benefit from professional lessons. Presented to the audience by the professional elite of entrepreneurs.

The professional forum was an opportunity for the students of Shoaib Dougkali University to familiarize themselves with the nature and nature of the job market in light of the general changes in the pool of jobs in different industrial sectors in Morocco. This prompted the prospective students to look for suitable opportunities to conduct the annual training expected in the summer.

Attended by several university professors and dozens of national institutions in various fields, the event was highlighted by special presentations by experts to promote the importance of university training and mastery of foreign languages. In getting job opportunities.

Yahya Bouqaleb, President of Soueib Doukaly University in El Jadida, said, “The first-ever employment forum at an open recruitment institution is an important initiative for communication between students and professionals. “These forums are usually organized in limited recruiting institutes, especially engineers and business schools.

Boughaleb added in a statement to the electronic newspaper Hesperus, “The university provides full support for its students to enter the job market, whether inside or outside Morocco. It will also be an opportunity for the university to develop higher training according to the specifics of Moroccan companies,” stressing that “job opportunities for university students The Forum believes that limited recruitment is not limited to companies; rather, it is related to professional and intellectual qualifications.

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“The first edition of the Employment Forum presents students with the requirements of the contract. It also creates an opportunity to meet experts who have accumulated long-term experiences in the labor market,” said Al-Sayed Al-Masqini, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in El-Jedida.

In a statement to the electronic newspaper Hesperus, Al-Maskini said, “The Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in El-Jedida won this event, students will benefit from the experiences and knowledge available in the professional forum, noting that “efforts will be redoubled to bring more partners in the next editions.”

As for Yassin Boudi, a university professor at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in El Jadida, he explained that, in this context, “the Forum aims to open teachers to the socio-economic environment; as a result, the roles of the university in the future will not be limited to the academic structure, as it is in response to the demands of the labor market It also includes coordination with institutions and companies in the country.

The same speaker went on to explain, “The forum gave students a brief idea of ​​the professional, communication and linguistic skills required in the labor market; This will contribute to the smooth integration of students in their work,” “emphasizing the importance of partnerships between universities and companies so that students can benefit from summer training.” Therefore, they have more field qualifications that are difficult to provide in a university setting.

For her part, Salma Abu Tariq, a student at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in El Jadida, pointed out that “Students have been waiting for these forums for a long time and have given them great academic and professional benefits.” “The companies present at the forum gave the students a brief overview of the nature of the basic requirements that job applicants should have.

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