June 3, 2023

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News |  Egypt's al-Ahly presents new coach Ricardo Suarez to the media

News | Egypt’s al-Ahly presents new coach Ricardo Suarez to the media

Egypt’s al-Ahly presents new coach Ricardo Suarez to the media

25 minutes ago

League Plus – Ricardo Suarez, the new coach of Al-Ahly Club, expressed his delight at accepting the team’s technical assignment, and thanked Sami Comzos for his efforts in the past.

Yesterday, on Thursday, Al-Ahly announced the signing of Portuguese Ricardo Suarez as the technical director of the first football team, for a two-year term and for the rest of the current season.

For his part, Ricardo said in a statement during a press conference for his presentation: “I am pleased to accept the task of coaching al-Ahly and to be in Egypt to represent the largest club in Africa.”

He added, “I’m going to present Mauritius ‘staff who are responsible for organizing the work and body parts of the players, and Raoul is the performance analyst for the Al-Ahly Club team, and is responsible for improving the players’ personal skills.”

He added, “Pedro Guimarães is a physiologist who is responsible for tracking data and statistics through GPS and injury prevention exercises.

He added: “Louis Pedro is also an opponent’s performance analyst and responsible for well – filmed videos about the opponent.”

He continued, “I thank Captain Sammy Comson for his effort in leading the team through this difficult time, and it is very important for us that he helps us and contributes better to the technology. The staff.”

He added: “My staff and I will work to support and provide for the Al-Ahly Club. We are about to embark on a new era. I know we can achieve a lot together. We represent a broader class. We trust your support, no one is above Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly is above all.

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He concluded: “Al-Ahly players will put everything in order to win their souls and their bodies, and we strive to achieve the team’s high technical and personal performance in competitions.”