March 28, 2023

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Next Mass Effect Title to Use Unreal Engine

Next Mass Effect Title to Use Unreal Engine

Last year turned out to be a good year for Mass Effect fans. The next entry in the franchise was officially announced at this time last year, and it looks like it has been recalled to the original trilogy. Later, a remake trilogy was launched earlier this year that brought the Mass Effect back into focus. Fortunately, a recent major release indicates that the bioware train did not slow down at any time.

Bioware maker Bernan Holmes posted a link to the company’s job list on Twitter tonight. In a tweet promoting the post, Holmes noted that Bioware is looking for experienced programmers with Unreal Engine 4/5. The result of the tweet indicates that the person in question will join the team to work on the next Mass Effect game. This fully confirms that the bio is bringing back the engine that they were forced to leave.

This is great news for developers and fans alike. After creating the original trilogy on Unreal Engine 3, EA was forced to go Frostbite with the Bioware Mass Effect Andromeda. This has caused a big problem. Frostbite is not designed to handle tests known as bioware. This caused major headaches for the team and played a key role in the complex development cycle. With Unreal Back Cards, Bioware hopes to be in a better place to move forward.

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