June 7, 2023

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“Night of Hope” combines Eliza, Heba Tawaji, Osama Rahbani and George Wassof to describe it as “the most wonderful Lebanese creation my eyes have ever seen in this era”.

Posted by Amir Fathi on Monday, May 23, 2022 02:51 AM – Lebanese singer Eliza attends a party with her friends artist Heba Tawaji and artist Osama Rahbani in Lebanon for the “Night of Hope” directed by Kamil.

Eliza’s unexpected surprise delighted the audience and created a state of delight on the communication sites.

Initially, Eliza released a new single, “Jasmine Flower” from her next album, which was composed by Osama Rahpani, the best creator, in the words of Kamal Kobe.

After Eliza expressed her love for the art provided by Heba, the two stars gave a live duet to Madeleine, one of the most beautiful songs of the late Elias Rahpani, as a tribute to her soul.

George Woof, one of the first commentators after the concert, tweeted, “Wonderful, tonight, in Beirut. ”

Regarding Eliza, he expressed his happiness at attending the event with a tweet: “I am so proud to be part of this sweet evening full of hope and joy, and have returned to the art city of Beirut. And creativity. I wish the best artists who were happy to participate in the concert and hope that hope will be the topic of our lives and nights. Hello to all the unknown players in the wonderful Halza.

In turn, Heba Tawaji responded to Elisa’s words, “We are proud to have you with us! Your presence was a great addition to the banquet and everyone was delighted! I love you #Elisa, a great star with your art and humanity.

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