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North Korea fires a series of artillery shells

North Korea fires a series of artillery shells

June 13, 2022 08:59

The South Korean military says North Korea dropped a series of artillery shells over the weekend, just days after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was using “force against forces” to defend his country’s sovereignty.

Co-operatives in Seoul said on Sunday that the South Korean military had detected “several air routes” believed to be North Korean artillery until 8:07 (2307 GMT) on Sunday and 11:03 on Sunday. The commission recalled that Seoul, in cooperation with its US ally, was always ready for a firm military response.

North Korea’s official news agency will normally report successful weapons tests within 24 hours, but it did not specify Sunday’s missile launches or recent missile launches.
The South Korean president’s national security office held a meeting Sunday evening to discuss artillery fire, and reaffirmed Seoul’s position on “responding calmly and firmly to Pyongyang’s provocations,” the president said.

The president pointed out that the artillery shells fired on Sunday morning were of the “regular” type, with relatively low altitude and short range.
North Korea, one of the world’s most militarized nations, has conducted several military tests since the beginning of this year, including launching dozens of ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan. Pyongyang has stepped up efforts to improve its weapons program this year despite tough sanctions.

Source: Agencies

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