June 7, 2023

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Not treason... The real reason behind Shakira's breakup goes public and shocks the entire art community!!

Not treason… The real reason behind Shakira’s breakup goes public and shocks the entire art community!!

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News of Colombian star, Shakira of Lebanese descent, splitting from her boyfriend, famous soccer player and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, continues to headline the newspapers, especially in Spain.

After spreading rumors about the reasons for the breakup, on top of the issue of infidelity, it is clear that the main reason for ending the relationship that lasted for about 12 years and produced two children was purely material.

Habib Lucilla, Shakira’s sister, Roberto Garcia, said the reasons for the split were material and that the couple’s relationship was perfect until the months before the economic crisis between them.

Spanish newspaper “Marca” quoted Habib, Shakira’s sister for 8 years, that the Barcelona star asked the mother of his two children for a sum of money to invest in a business project, but Shakira refused after her objection. parents.

From that moment on, the relationship between the two soured, and differences began to pile up again and again until earlier this month, when we officially announced our separation in June 2022.

Roberto García confirmed that Shakira strove to maintain the relationship and avoid differences in the public eye, and that even when the relationship between them deteriorated, he was always eager to smile by the side of his two children.
However, the dispute escalated over time and Shakira began to feel that Big was dealing with her only on the basis that she was the mother of his two children and nothing more, so they decided to part ways.

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