March 20, 2023

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"Nuclear weapons" enter Ukraine crisis line ... Belarus "ready"

“Nuclear weapons” enter Ukraine crisis line … Belarus “ready”

Lukashenko: “If necessary, we will deploy nuclear weapons, on the contrary Super nuclear weaponsAccording to the Belarusian media, “weapons that guarantee the security of our territory.”

He stressed that this could happen if he took on “enemies and foes”. BelarusPartner Russia In its crisis with the West UkraineNonsense activities.

He added: “If there were no threats from friendly nations to Belarus, nuclear weapons would not be needed for a hundred years.”

And after the fall Soviet Union In 1991, Belarus was abandoned Soviet Republics Other about Nuclear weapons Issued in its territory and agreed to repatriate to Russia.

At the time the Belarusian constitution dictated that the country would remain a “nuclear-free zone”, but this article was changed to the constitutional amendments proposed by Lukashenko and a referendum would be held on February 27 for the Belarusians.

Under the revised edition, this article will be replaced by another article by Belarus “Excluding military occupation from the region”.

Washington has expressed concern that the constitutional amendment would allow Russia to maintain nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Westerners have been warning of the dangers of an immediate Russian invasion of Ukraine for weeks, after Moscow had mobilized more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and conducted several military exercises. Cold War.

After several weeks of intensification, Russia announced on Tuesday and Wednesday that it was withdrawing some of its troops, while Westerners confirmed that they saw no shortage of troops, and accused the White House of sending new reinforcements to Moscow.

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