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On Faiza Ahmed's birthday .. 5 songs he gave became a symbol in his life

On Faiza Ahmed’s birthday .. 5 songs he gave became a symbol in his life

Thanks for reading the news about Faiza Ahmed’s birthday. The 5 songs he provided have become landmarks in his life, now with the details of the message

Cairo – Samia Saeed – Today, Sunday, December 5, coincides with the birthday of the late singer Faiza Ahmed, one of the most popular singers since he performed popular songs, one of the most immortal songs ever. Throughout a great artistic career, he presented some of the most wonderful songs and participated in the cinema, singing it in a group of films, highlighting the most important of them in the following lines.

“Why do you ask?”

One of his most important songs was the song “You Ask Les Alia” which he sang during the movie “The Pride of My Woman” starring Ismail Yassin, and the song was written by Ismail Al-Habrook and composed by Fouad Helmi.

“I love you.”

“I’m My Heart Lake Peacock” is one of his most important songs that has been sung by many to this day as it was sung on stage at one of his concerts that aired on the radio.

“House of Honor, O Our Home”

“Beit Al-Ezz, Ya Beitna,” a song from the 1961 film “Me and My Girls”, sung by the late artist in his famous song, written by Marsa Jamil Aziz and composed by Mohamed El Mogy.

“Oh, the moon is on the threshold.”

“Ya Ma Al Qamar On The Door” is one of his best songs, having been famous since he sang at the events of the movie “Tamr Henna” starring Rushdie Abbas, Naima Akef, Shukri Sarhan. Written by Morsi Jamil Aziz and composed by composer Mohamed El-Mohi.

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“Henna Dates”

“Tamr Henna” is another song that was distinguished during the events of the same film, which was a huge success. It was written by Jalil al-Bandari and composed by composer Mohamed El-Mohi.