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One award for Tunisians and another for Palestinians at the “Uncertainty Record” competition at Cannes


Palestinian director Maha al-Hajj won the award for Best Screenplay for his film “Mediterranean Fever”.

The judging panel for the “Uncertain Record” competition, on Friday, returned the list of awards and the grand prize for the film “The Bad” by French directors Liz Agoka and Romain Gret.

Pakistani director Syed Sadiq won the Jury Award for his film “Legoland” The movie Pakistanis displayed in Cannes.

Roman director Alexandre Pel won the Best Director award for his film “Metronome”, which tells the story of a group of young music lovers in Bucharest, Romania in the early 1970s.

Tunisia after the Revolution

The Tunisia Best Actor Award went to Adam Pasha, who co-starred with actress Vicky Krebs in the film “Mary Grootzer”, who played one of Europe’s first members of the royal family as Empress Sisi of Austria.

Adam portrays the character of a poor Tunisian youth who seeks to improve his life on the public stage Tunisian Revolution 2011.

Tunisian actor Adam Pasha said of his role in Harga: “The film is based on a Tunisian true story, and was filmed in Tunisia’s CD Poseid focusing on the real situation of the film and the living conditions of the real characters.”

Adam simulated the character of Ali, a young Tunisian man who finds himself in the maze of life after the Tunisian revolution.

Adam said: The film is very happy when it is screened in Tunisia.

The Tunisian actor previously starred in the Algerian director’s film “The Happy” Sophia Gamma In 2019, he also starred in Matthew Michael Karnahan’s “Mosul” movie, which will be shown on the Netflix stage, starring Russell Grove, and he also starred in the movie “Harga” after starring in several roles in several short films. French pictures.

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Brave movies

Valeria Colino, chairwoman, actress, director and producer of the awards panel, said the competition will include 20 brave films, seven of which will compete for the first prize. Gold camera.

The judging panel for the “Uncertain Record” competition consisted of director Debra Groeneck, actress Jonah College, actor and singer Benjamin Beaule and actor and producer Edgar Ramirez.

For his part, Palestinian director Maha al-Hajj confirmed that making the film “Mediterranean Fever” was not an easy task.

After winning the award, Maha commented on his personal page on the social networking site: “Five years later, it is difficult to describe the joy that comes from completing the journey, and the level of gratitude. Thank you to every man who has been a part of all stages of this film’s journey from the beginning of this idea to this very minute. Surrounded by loving and loyal men, without them, the film would not have come out like this. ”

The film saysAverage feverThe film is the story of two young Palestinians, one of whom is Walid, who is obsessed with the world of writing, and the circumstances of his life have left him chronically depressed.

Palestinian actor Amar Hellhell, the protagonist of “Mediterranean Fever”, expressed his delight: “I am thrilled to produce a Palestinian film with all the difficulties and to win the most important film festival in the world. The courage of all makes happiness two. “

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