May 29, 2023

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Opera One browser will soon launch with new artificial intelligence features

Opera’s new browser with artificial intelligence features (nGadget).

Tuesday 25 April 2023 / 17:11

Opera has announced a new version of its completely redesigned browser, which it plans to release to all platforms later this year.

The company calls the browser “Opera One,” and it’s designed to have a clean look with plenty of open spaces for future AI features and sidebar and address bar extensions.

Opera claims to have implemented a new multithreaded browser and its new modular design principles, enabling new features that include what it calls “tab islands.”

The browser has the ability to automatically group the websites people open based on their content. For example, it can open all pages containing menus and restaurant details in one “tab”. This will reduce confusion and make it easier to navigate between tasks, whether work or personal.

Although the browser is designed with the ability to create its own tab islands, users can also group pages together manually. They can drag and drop tabs between islands or create a new one.

In addition to Tab Islands, Opera One has GPT Chat, ChatSonic, and all prompts enabled by default.GadgetMail.

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