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Osama Rahfani: There are no visionary leaders with artistic support in Lebanon

Osama Rahfani: There are no visionary leaders with artistic support in Lebanon

Added Rahpani In an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia: “Overall I’m talking about the way people live. We do not have leaders with a broad vision supported by culture and art, and it is unfortunate to have everyone nominated. To the House of Representatives We do not see anyone with this vision. “

He continued, “We are peopleTo art Creativity has taken the face of Lebanon abroad since independence in the hands of men in the media, culture and literature, and I hope colleagues in the field of culture can establish similar works.

Al-Rahbani said, “There are those who are surprised by the idea of ​​free attendance at the music evening, but we challenged them to set up a night of hope in Beirut so that most of the middle class, staff and students can attend.”

In sponsoring the evening, she said: “We have provided a collaborative collaboration between artist Heba Tawaji and her husband, international Lebanese artist Ibrahim Malouf, and our relationship and the name we carry, which is a source of trust for many, as well as a group of other partners and friends.”

Commenting on the site selection, Rahbani said: “It has a special identity because it was damaged by the explosion of the Beirut port, and this is its first opening after its restoration.”

It is noteworthy that the “Night of Hope” was held at the Forum de Beirut Exhibition Hall, a few meters away from the site of the port explosion, marking the re-opening of the exhibition for the first time since its eruption on August 4, 2020.

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Said the actress Heba Tawaji The evening revived: “Osama, Ibrahim and I have had a similar banquet in France before, but our presence in the city devastated by the explosion, especially from the Forum de Beirut, is the message of the sequel and its meaning: we will be here.”

Attended the concert, sounded throughout the capital, carrying the slogan of “revolution” in the tragic conditions in which the Lebanese live, “dedicated to resistance to all difficulties, culture, art, song and call. To continue and to overcome difficulties.”

In the midst of a large crowd of about 5,000 people, they traveled from all over to Beirut and talked in the evening, giving them hope. Diplomatic, artistic, social, media and cultural celebrities came to the fore.

Heba Tawaji opened the event with the song “You have to change the system” amidst the applause of the audience, with Heba Tawaji paying special attention to the families of the victims of the Beirut port blast and with a short video reminiscent of the disaster, emphasizing the need to achieve the full truth. He also dedicated the song “Wahyat Elli Rahwa” to the souls of the victims, with a direct gesture. August 4 eruption.

The evening, which was seen by Lebanese on local television, was attended by composer Ibrahim al-Malouf, with a special view by Lebanese singer Eliza, who presented a patriotic song composed by Osama Rahbani and written by Kamal Gobichi.

I also provided Elisa Along with Tawaji, the Rahpani brothers, Mansoor, Assi and Elias Rahpani congratulated their spirits on learning that they were infected with the corona virus and died last year.

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Eliza told Sky News Arabia: “It was an evening of hope for Lebanon.

The evening will include art paintings covering the Lebanese political and economic reality, criticizing the political power that brought Lebanon to what it was and covering the suffering of the Lebanese settlers and the people in their daily lives.