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Overwatch 2 player takes off in Zenyatta with queue-like evasion abilities


while awake Monitoring 2 The player can perform some very efficient dribbles during several chaotic firefights in a match, and the player’s slick dribbling with Zenyatta proves to rival Neo’s shot dribble. Team. The game’s focus on action already ensures that some shots will miss the mark, especially with faster characters like Tracer. Zenyatta, by comparison, is much slower due to her role as a healer, but player control shows that speed isn’t everything.

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Monitoring 2The colorful character roster covers a range of size and speed, giving gamers plenty of variety when it comes to styles of play. Anyone looking to move around the map at breakneck speed will opt for hit-and-run attack-friendly Sombra and Genji, while players looking to fill out mid-range offense will play with Cassidy or Trooper. style. : 76. The player’s fingertip skill list reflects this mentality, whether it’s healing an area that improves Lucio’s impact and speed, or restoring Reaper health when dealing direct damage to opposing players.

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Being a support-style character, Zenyatta is a character known more for her efficiency in healing and damage than her powerful moves. However, a clip from Reddit user NaofumiXRaph shows that speed isn’t always necessary when it comes to outrunning opposing players. Raph tries to hit the enemy Zenyatta with Widowmaker – who is stationed on a small bridge in the Rialto – but the enemy player is able to head off Raph’s attempts with quick duck speed and flanking.

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The clip was met with surprise from other users who commented on Raf’s clip, with some comparing the shuffle to the popular Neo scene. Team. Zenyatta escapes the gunfire completely unscathed before Raph turns the tables on Widowmaker, where Neo still puts the agent’s sights away. Although the final outcome of the shootout is left ambiguous, Zenyatta deals some damage before the clip cuts away.

This is another example of a wild moment Monitoring 2Gameplay can be created using the right combination of character and player skill. Social media has plenty of clips to prove it, from wall-running Lucio players, to a cool D.Va-style self-destruction on the way back from near elimination, obliterating most of the opposing team. It is certain that more people will find their way online in the future. Gamers will be amazed at almost every aspect.

Monitoring 2 Currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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