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Painless revolutionary vaccine to combat corona mutations


British researchers are testing a new vaccine that does not use the needle against the corona virus, threatening to return the war against infection to the first level in an attempt to make the vaccine more effective against new mutations that appear from time to time.

The potential new vaccine seeks to change the vaccination process against the currently developing corona virus “with less pain,” even if the current injection is milder.

According to the British “Sky News” network, scientists at the University of Southampton are testing the vaccine, which is inhaled through the skin, and then accurately measures the body and target areas.

The dose of this vaccine is taken by placing the mixture in a small device, then a plastic part of it is attached to the skin of the body, hand area, and then pressed and pushed until the vaccine enters inside. Skin.

The scientific team says the potential vaccine will give broader immunity against the growing corona virus, and it will help against future new mutants and potential viruses from the “corona” family.

Saul First, director of the clinical trial facility at the British National Institute of Health at the University of Southampton, explained that the vaccine takes into account existing and future mutations.

Most vaccines currently available against the growing corona virus currently use RNA sequences, depending on the area known as the “spike” protein, from the first detected corona virus samples in late 2019.

Mutant target

New vaccine technology seeks to gain the ability to predict how the virus will mutate, and in doing so, the vaccine can target increasing mutations.

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Jonathan Heaney, a professor at the University of Cambridge, developed the vaccine in collaboration with research firm DIOSynVax, and said in a news release, “In the new mutant circulation, the immune system begins to weaken, and we need new technologies for this.”

He said a new generation of scientists needs to continue to develop possible vaccines in an effort to protect people from future threats from the virus.

He described the potential new vaccine as innovative, either in the way it is given or in the way it stimulates the human immune system, to combat viruses belonging to the “corona family”.

Those from the Southampton region in the trials had no indication of testing the third booster dose in order to receive two doses.

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