March 29, 2023

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Philcol |  News |  Cartier: The return of the quartet will support Jamalek's attack before the entry league .. that's why I chose Burj Al Arab

Philcol | News | Cartier: The return of the quartet will support Jamalek’s attack before the entry league .. that’s why I chose Burj Al Arab

Jamalek coach Patrice Carteron believes the entry of the quartet, returning to the team from debt, will increase their attack in the upcoming matches.

Jamalek repeated Kenya’s victory over Tuskers by four goals and qualified for the group stage of the African Champions League.

“We highly value and appreciate the CAF Champions League, so we took the tournament very seriously and with great force. We focused fully on the competition and we wanted to resolve it in advance,” Carterne said. Fit.

He added, “I saw the match was in our hands, so we saw the opportunity to score more goals, and we made 5 substitutes today, as well as most of the team in two matches.”

The French coach continued, “The players’ performance was better than the first game because they were relieved of the stress they had before the first game.”

Commenting on the start of the Egyptian League a few days later, Carteron said, “Performance is important and results are important, and it gives us an inspiration to come. .

When selecting the Borg El Arab Stadium for the next Enppi match after the Air Defense Stadium apology, he said, “Every time we set up camp at the Burj Al Arab Stadium, I notice that we are greatly improving, besides, I think Cairo and Burj Al Arab Arab stadiums are the best in Egypt and we need good stadiums to play on. ”Beautiful ball, yes, my conclusion is that Burj Al Arab will be our second stadium in the Arab League.

He concluded, “The Egyptian League is Africa’s strongest league, so every match in it is difficult. We will play every match hard and seriously and try to win.

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Jamalek is preparing to face Japan next Monday in the first round of the Egyptian League.