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Placing the PS5 Vertically Damages It: What’s the Truth?


Unlike older generations of the PlayStation platform, the current generation PlayStation 5 can be placed in two different ways, either horizontally or vertically, and you can switch between them with a Sony-supplied platform. In advertisements for the PS5 platform, the platform always appears horizontal or vertical, but more often it appears vertical, which means there is no danger in placing the platform this way, which is the position the owners of the platform prefer because it looks better. situation, but it seems that placing the PS5 platform vertically may cause damage to the platform, what is the truth of the matter? This is what we will find out.

How can placing the PS5 vertically damage it?

At the beginning of the current year 2023, a site emerged Wololo.net Along with the shocking report, players who own the PlayStation 5 are warning against placing it vertically “By using your PS5 vertically, you’re ruining it because of a design flaw” Some experts have said that placing the platform vertically can lead to many problems and the entire platform may collapse!!

These experts include Ben Montana, who owns a PS5 platform repair shop in France called ILoveMyConsole, and another YouTuber called TheCod3r, who say there is a problem with the device’s design that can cause damage when kept upright for long periods of time. time, What exactly is the problem?

  • As with all platforms and computers, a liquid metal or thermally conductive material is placed between the processor and the surface of the heat sink to help maintain the system’s temperature, and this liquid is surrounded by a thin material to prevent liquid leakage.
  • Experts say that this spongy material is sometimes subject to damage or movement, and due to its damage and placing the device in a vertical position for a long time, the liquid metal escapes, which increases the temperature of the device, and the disaster is that it can reach the remaining pieces in the device and cause a short circuit, especially the liquid metal. Since it is a conductor of electricity.
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Strangely, these experts said that all PlayStation devices with their different versions are at risk of damage, or in other words, “death”, even if they are still in the box and have not yet been opened. Have a clue TheCod3r posted the video It shows leakage of metallic liquid after a period of time in vertical position, which caused the device to stop working.

Will liquid metal leak out and damage the device?


Before answering with evidence, let’s first think about logic. It’s unfair for a device like the PS5 to have such a catastrophic problem, especially at the price of 500, which is not a small price for many players, and if that was the problem, Sony would fix it immediately. Now we come to the answer by proof:

  • Sony has taken precautions to avoid this problem by surrounding the metal liquid with a spongy material, as its function is to prevent absorption. Accessories in the device.
  • In addition to the sponge material, there are more edges than the processor itself to keep metal liquid from all directions in its designated place, meaning no matter how much vibration the PS5 is subjected to, metal liquid won’t. Movement, which means no risk of death on stage.
PS5 Liquid Metal
  • With all this, the metal liquid can actually flow out and reach the remaining pieces, but this is a case of opening the device and trying to repair it by people who are not experts in such matters. The sponge can damage the item or move it, and they will handle the PS5 as long as the professionals are there, so you don’t have to worry about a problem.
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What is the best way to stabilize the PS5 platform?

In fact, there is no recommended way to place the PS5 platform, so you can place it horizontally or vertically any way you want, and as Sony mentioned, you don’t have to worry about what happens to the platform. The device can be placed either way, meaning it’s ultimately up to you.

So, in the end, there is no danger in placing the PS5 platform in a vertical way, if there was a risk, Sony would not have presented two ways to place the platform, so don’t worry about metal liquid and leakage. I know many people who have put the PS5 platform in vertical position since release, when electrical contact occurs, the thing doesn’t happen alone, but rather if someone who is not an expert on the platform personally intervenes and opens the device. They never had this problem.

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