November 27, 2022

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Powerful explosions in Kiev amid fears of Russian "retaliation"

Powerful explosions in Kiev amid fears of Russian “retaliation”

Air strike sirens sounded throughout the night Ukraine.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station in the southern part of the country, in the eastern part of the country.

Sky News Arabia sources said that at the time of the sirens sounding every day, the air alert status was announced. Ukrainian cities Again, except for those in control Russian forces.

I drew Ukrainian authorities Residents have been called to go to the shelters and not to leave them without the permission of the authorities.

Local media reported that explosions were heard on the geometry, amid intense talk of Russian retaliation after the Russian ship arrived in Moscow.

She said Russian Ministry of Defense The Mosque was wrecked by a storm on Thursday.

The ministry had earlier confirmed that the warship caught fire, ignited some of its weapons and was forced to evacuate its crew.

But Ukrainian officials said the warship was hit by Ukrainian missiles on Wednesday evening Port of Ukraine Odessa On Black Sea.

In another development, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk announced on Thursday that a total of 2,557 people had been evacuated from Ukrainian cities through humanitarian corridors.

Wereshchuk said in a social media post that 289 of them were evicted Like Mariupol South Coast besieged by their own traffic.

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