May 28, 2023

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Presented by Dubai Opera Maestro Taher Mamelli


Next April 22nd, Dubai Opera hosts Maestro Taher Mamelli at the helm of a large orchestra and a group of outstanding singers such as:

Saud Abu Sultan, Linda Bitar, Alicia Morales and Amar Khayad take the audience back to the good old days in a captivating international musical.

The orchestra is led by renowned maestro Taher Mamelli, a Syrian composer and musician who has composed songs for more than 70 drama series.

He collaborated with numerous Arab and international singers, including Kazem El Sahar, Abeer Nehme, Sirin Abdel Noor, Abdullah Al Rowaisht, Asala Nasri, Noor Muhanna, Shahid Bermada, Ali Al Deig, Saud Abu Sultan and many others.

Among his most famous works are musical compositions for classic series such as Al-Seer Salem, Spot of Light, Palestinian Westernization, Al-Fawzul Al-Arba, Daya Daya, Big Dreams, Ahl al-Karam and Memories. Beautiful time.

Renowned Italian pianist and conductor Epifanio Comis, a multi-award winning performer, presents a unique evening of classical music at Dubai Opera on 23 April.

Commis will open the concert with a Sonata in G minor by composer Muzio Clemente, followed by Frederic Chopin’s Polonaise-fantaisie in A-flat major.

Composed by Chopin in 1846, this piece is considered one of his most complex and elaborate works.


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