May 28, 2023

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President of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association: Kno exceeds the protected period

President of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association: Kno exceeds the protected period

Salvador Schuel, president of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association, considered al-Hilal player Mohamed No, his contract with al-Nusr to be out of date, and he renewed it to his advantage before his contract with al-Nusr came into force.

International player Mohammed Khanu signed a contract with al-Nasr in January before extending his current contract with al-Hilal. In addition to the 19.5 million Saudi riyals, he also collaborated with his club to pay the first installment he received from al-Nasr, and snatched two-term contracts for al-Hilal.

Shoal told the “In the Goal” project: Khan had a contract with al-Hilal, which he signed with al-Nasser in January, and his contract with al-Awal expires in June, and the new deal with al-Nasser begins in July.

He went on to say that after signing the contract and receiving the initial fee from his new club, the new contract signed with al-Nasser before coming into force would violate the protected period because the first period with his new contract with al-Nasser would include the period during which al-Hilal would be the protected period.

The well-known sports lawyer described the breach of the protected period: the breach of contract took place in January, and we know that his contract with al-Nasr will begin to take effect in July, and that his new contract with al-Hilal covers the period of protection in his contract with al-Nasr.

With regard to the punishment for stopping al-Hilal from signing contracts, Schuel believes that it would be inappropriate for the club if his international player’s signing with al-Nasser was not known, but if he knew it, it would be the cause.

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He concluded: I agree with the decision imposed on the player to return the money to Al-Nasser Club, and I also agree with the decision to pay compensation to Al-Nasser Club for the player and al-Hilal, but I do not agree with the amount of compensation because it can not be the full value of the contract, and the solidarity contribution I do not accept the decision. Of the approximately 7 million received by the player, the fine for stopping Kno was reasonable. .