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Qasim El-Zahr draws attention at a concert during the Jetta season


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May 13 2022 3:07 GMT

Updated: May 13, 2022 3:40 GMT

On Thursday evening, during a concert attended by a large number of young people and families, the star of the Arabic song, Kazem El-Saher, drew attention as part of the Jetta season, as part of art, entertainment and cultural events. .

The Iraqi artist attended the concert stage and got up before shouting as he entered the stage amidst the huge celebration of the packed audience.

The ambassador of the Iraqi song performed many of his most beautiful songs for the audience, who are always in touch with the words and steps of those songs, among them the songs: Your hand, my love, do you have a doubt, your love taught me, tonight my feeling is strange, I love you so much .

The audience sang “Teach Me Your Love” with El Sahar, to the melodious music, in which the voice of the audience who memorized the song dominated, like most of his songs.

Al-Zahr stopped singing for a while and continued the song “Do You Have Any Doubts” before the crowd shouted again, “What is best for you?”

The organizers of the “Jetta Season” account posted pictures of the ceremony on Twitter, with one comment, “Our night is decorated with joy by Caesar Qasem al-Zahr, and Nisar Kappani’s poems took us by his sweet voice. An easy and joyful long journey.”

Videos of the ceremony were widely circulated on social media, and as many of his fans wanted to invite Caesar, it seemed that more virtual visitors to the party would want to see Caesar’s latest appearance.

Al-Zahr was a guest on Jeddah, and at the start of concerts for its entertainment season, after a concert in the capital, Riyadh, he experienced the same noise.

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The Jetta Entertainment Season will last two months, and in its second edition will witness the establishment of 2,800 entertainment, arts and cultural events on the nine sites of the city designated for the event.

After the star Kazem El Saher, other artists and performers will perform in the seaside city of the Red Sea.

Lebanese artists Elisa and Vel Gfori are set to sing on the same stage, amid expectations that the concert’s two-star celebrity will attract more viewers.

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