January 29, 2023

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Rabeh Saqr sings with his two sons and Kazem El Saher with his two granddaughters .. Video

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The two sons of Saudi Arabian superstar Rabe Chakrin sang the song “A Kind of Man” with their father in his car.

Raba Chakra posted a video on his official account on the social networking site “Twitter” where he was in the car with his two sons.

Raba commented on the video: “Chakr and al-Walid, may God protect them and your children for you.”

The song “A Kind of People” was released by Rabbi Sagar before his therapeutic journey, which came from the words of Faisal al-Sudayri, and was composed by Bashar Sultan, distributed by Hani Farhat and recorded by Muhammad Hamdi.

Prior to the song “Kind of Humans”, Rabee Sagar released the song “Wajid”, the first song sung by Chakr on the album “Al-Sagar 22”, written by Prince Saud bin Abdullah and composed by Saheem.

On the other hand, Rabeh Saqr recently returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a foreign treatment trip, where he confirmed his health to everyone upon his return.

After spreading the video of Iraqi artist Qasim El-Zahr singing on stage with his two granddaughters, he sparked social networking sites.

Al-Zahr posted a video of himself singing “Eid al-Ashaq” with his two granddaughters during a party in Los Angeles on his official Twitter account.

Fans of the Iraqi artist’s audience spoke with the video, many commenting on the appearance of two granddaughters, Sana and Aya, expressing their delight and great love for “Caesar”.

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The artist, Kazem El Saher, has announced his new tour of the United States, where he will perform 6 concerts, which he opened with his concert in Houston.