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Raising Emirati rates and approving unemployment insurance will improve the business environment in the UAE




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The announcement by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, was confirmed by the Hon’ble Minister of Human Resources and Hon’ble Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Manan Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources. A decision to raise the target of federal legislation on emirate rates and unemployment insurance, which is a new station. It is one of the centers for improving the business environment in the United Arab Emirates, contributing to the advancement of national skills and personnel. Partnership with the private sector to increase the attractiveness of the labor market in the country and to attract local and international talent through a set of incentives and safety nets that support healthy and sustainable economic growth.

This happened during a press conference organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration today at its headquarters in Dubai on the new federal law on unemployment insurance and the decision to increase the current emirate rates to 2% per annum for skilled jobs. Private sector companies with 50 or more employees and by 2026 are expected to achieve an overall growth rate of 10%.

He explained that the next stage would be to prioritize economic development and achieve human capital to achieve the goal of “creating the best and most dynamic economy in the world”. Community and individuals, promoting and supporting local resources, ensuring the flexibility of the economy and integrating the country’s position as capital for talent, companies and investments.

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He emphasized the need for intelligent leadership to strengthen the role of national workers, to empower them at all levels and to participate effectively and creatively in the country’s labor market. And supports the business growth of private sector companies and emphasizes the importance of their contribution in starting economic sectors.Innovations, innovations and increasing stability in the labor market.

Dr Abdul Rahman Al Awar said the decision to increase the Emiratisation percentage annually in the private sector comes with unprecedented advantages in the private sector, including reducing the Ministry of Human Resources’ fees by about 80%. Achieve quality achievements in the recruitment and training of citizens in partnership with the competition program.

As part of amendments to certain provisions of the Cabinet decision on initiatives, the conference reviewed the opportunities provided by the Cabinet’s approval to raise the current immigration target for private sector companies and companies with 50 or more employees to 2% per annum. And competition programs for Emirati cadres “Nafis”. This opens new frontiers for qualified national employees with expertise and skills within the private sector.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar stressed that raising the Emirati rates by 2% annually until 2026 provides new options for national skills and abilities, especially among the youth, in the labor market, within local, regional and international organizations. And expanding their businesses in the region based on the integrated and flexible business offered by the United Arab Emirates.

He noted that the resolution was aimed at strengthening the private sector and contributing to the achievements of the Nafis program. Over the next five years, concessions to companies in the private sector will help accelerate plans to integrate Emirati employees into the labor market and provide them with the national staff and skills they need.

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The Cabinet approved the Federal Law on Unemployment Insurance through Insurance Packages, which aims to ensure that the worker has an income during his or her unemployment hours until alternative employment is available.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar, Unemployment provides a social security umbrella and guarantees a decent life for workers, and attracts and maintains the best international talents of creative, reputable and talented workers.

The United Arab Emirates is interested in leadership at all levels and today proudly records its adoption of this innovative unemployment insurance system that enhances the competitiveness of the labor market and attracts global talent through solutions that include all workers. Both the private and public sectors rely on innovative methods.

He stressed that the unique guarantees provided by the organization at the level of all workers in the country enhance the business environment of the UAE and enhance its ability to attract and retain the best international talent from skilled workers by minimizing business risks. Attracts talented people who can contribute to launching projects and accessing the economy.

Al-Awar added: “We were interested in this system being characterized by flexibility, which would allow it to acknowledge additional benefits with the labor insurance service provider … while at the same time reducing the risks in the labor market for individuals and increasing flexibility for companies to cope with changes and thus improve the level of competitiveness. And support a stable standard of living for families, even during off-peak hours.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration would play its key role in this organization with the aim of protecting the rights of workers and improving and improving the business environment. Insurance service providers need to ensure that employees and companies achieve the best results. “

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Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar, New Decisions, Raising Unemployment Insurance System or Emirate Rates, Improves the Economic Capacity by Attracting Capacity and Capacities of the UAE Economy in the Medium and Long Term. Starting global and new economic sectors, diversifying income sources and improving the national workforce and laying the foundation for a flexible business environment that is adaptable to global changes and transformations and working for a sustainable diversified economy.


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Emirates News Agency – Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh: We are counting on a lot at “COP28” to reach recommendations that will contribute to solving pressing environmental problems.



Emirates News Agency – Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh: We are counting on a lot at “COP28” to reach recommendations that will contribute to solving pressing environmental problems.

Cairo, September 26 / WAM / Assistant Secretary-General for Social Affairs of the League of Arab States, Dr. Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh, confirmed that the “COP28” climate conference hosted by the United Arab Emirates is the biggest climate. events in the world, and for this reason we intend a lot to create the outcomes of the summit.

Abu Ghazaleh Emirates News Agency reports to WAM that the participation of the Arab region in the ongoing negotiations on how to deal with the crises resulting from climate change is by hosting the “COP27” climate summit in the city of Sharm el, Arab Republic of Egypt. -Sheikh last year, and hosted the United Arab Emirates’ “COP27” climate summit. COP28 “emphasizes the important role played by our Arab countries in the field of climate action this year and the world’s interest in the proposals and initiatives presented by Arab countries to combat the negative effects of climate change.”

He warned of the severity of these effects, which have a frequent and direct impact on citizens, and said that our Arab region is close to the negative effects of forest fires, droughts and floods. Global warming, water scarcity and food crises, the world must come together to solve them.

He noted that the UAE is witnessing a comprehensive growth renaissance in all sectors, especially in the environment and renewable energy sector, and we look forward to completing its active role in the Arab region.

On the occasion of the “COP28” summit, he pointed to the participation of the League of Arab States in activities held in collaboration with the General Women’s Association in the Emirates.

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WAM Correspondent – Egypt

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Mohammed Bin Rashid Library advances knowledge with new collaboration



Mohammed Bin Rashid Library advances knowledge with new collaboration

Member of the Board of Directors of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation Dr. Mohammed Salem Al Mazrouei affirmed that the library is keen to provide an environment of excellence and promote the knowledge and cultural scene and movement in the UAE. Researchers and students should invest their potential to create a more prosperous future for future generations.

This came on the occasion of the Government of the Library and Mohammed Bin Rashid College signing a memorandum of understanding to promote joint collaboration in the fields of supporting scientific research and disseminating culture and knowledge at the national level. The memorandum is signed by Mohammed Al Murr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library Foundation and Dr. Ali Bin Seba Al Marri, CEO of Mohammed Bin Rashid Government College. The framework of interest of both parties is to improve the cultural and educational environment in the UAE and to provide an environment that encourages… Work on organizing mechanisms to improve intellectual content and promote science, explore, research and develop knowledge. Research among members of the community.

Cultural movement

Al Mazrouei said, “This MoU reflects our joint commitment to develop cultural and scientific infrastructure and promote the knowledge and cultural scene and movement at the national level. It reflects our future and our passion to achieve sustainable goals. Students and researchers to make full use of their potential, ‘we’ An environment that will help develop their educational preferences in a way that supports the vision of UAE 2031 and our plan for the next 50 years contributing to creating a more prosperous future for future generations.” Collaboration between local educational and cultural institutions is a key and important step towards achieving excellence and innovation, culture, education and knowledge. cementing the UAE’s position as a leading global center of economy.”

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New station

On his part, Mohammed Bin Rashid Government College CEO Dr. Ali bin Seba Al Marri said, “The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding is a new step in strengthening the strategic vision of the college. To provide an integrated system of education and training programs, research and studies, which are in line with the highest standards.” and international practices, while at the same time equipping leaders with the best skills and abilities to meet the challenges.Innovating in providing governance structures that enhance leadership in the future and government performance.

He pointed out the college’s constant interest in creating strategic partnerships for excellence in the field of education and knowledge, which stems from providing an academic and academic environment that meets the aspirations and needs of all those affiliated with the various programs in the college. Researchers and academics in general point out that cooperation with this institution has an important place in the arena of knowledge and will contribute to opening doors for more initiatives and activities aimed at establishing a culture of research and knowledge among members of society. The MoU includes developing mechanisms to enhance cooperation between the two sides, exchange knowledge resources, provide support for research projects and organize joint events and activities to meet the aspirations and needs of students and stakeholders from various knowledge communities.

Recent posts

The MoU stipulates that the Muhammad Bin Rashid Government College, Muhammad Bin Rashid Library will be provided with latest publications, research papers, conference papers and other publications as permitted by the college’s copyright. Displayed in the corridors of the library and made available to those interested.

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Muhammad Al Mazrui:

“Collaboration between local educational and cultural institutions is a vital and important step towards achieving excellence and innovation.”

Ali Al Mari:

“This step opens the door to further efforts aimed at establishing a culture of research and knowledge in society.”

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Emirates News Agency – Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi delivers a keynote address to the Youth Media Forum in the presence of Latifah Bint Mohammed.



Emirates News Agency – Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi delivers a keynote address to the Youth Media Forum in the presence of Latifah Bint Mohammed.

Dubai, 25th September / WAM / Chairman of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Member of Dubai Council, His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, in the presence of Sheikha Latifah bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Minister of Education, emphasized the importance of having a platform to exchange experiences and knowledge and improve the presence of talented youth. .In the media sector, it contributes to the qualification of young male and female media professionals and prepares them to absorb the developments and challenges in the sector. Preserving the traditions and ethics of media work, ensuring its authenticity and sustainability of its impact.

This happened during His Excellency’s speech at the Youth Media Forum, which was established under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council. The main session of the first session of the forum organized by Dubai Press Club, is exclusively dedicated to male and female students. Media.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced through his “X” platform (formerly Twitter) in search of a famous young man, “May God protect him”. Or the woman representing youth issues in the government of the United Arab Emirates, learned very valuable lessons, caring for the youth, empowering them and listening to their voices and issues is a priority for every country that aspires to uniqueness and excellence, because the future is one that is capable of facing the challenges of time with a proactive attitude and passion for work and achievement. Nations are created by its conscious youth, which indicates that His Highness chose to announce one of the most popular social media platforms. The need to imbibe modern technologies and tools and use them to reach the target audience efficiently and effectively.

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He added: “We in the UAE have learned from our intellectual leadership the importance of understanding the needs of the future and preparing to meet its challenges if we want to achieve global leadership, and those who want to be at the forefront should not hesitate. Invest in the youth because they are the creators of the future.”

Honorable Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi praised the Youth Media Forum and the key topics it presents, revolving around the role of youth in creating tomorrow’s media, stressing that the value of media work is to bridge generations by combining expertise and experiences. Pioneering the energy of young media professionals, strengthening the connection between the values ​​and ethics of media work and tools, paving the way for a new generation of Arab media professionals armed with modern technology, knowledge, skills and confidence. Skillfully leading the media scene in our Arab world for years and decades.

He emphasized that it is imperative that the media evolves in line with the changes towards the future, its staff and leaders develop, and create and sustain content that is competitive in terms of value, quality and impact. The pace of development in the UAE and its aspiration for further progress and prosperity in the next phase point to the importance of media-savvy students with values ​​of integrity and authenticity to ensure the influence of Arab media in the future. and to adapt to the rapid changes occurring in the field of media work, to develop the ability to face challenges armed with competence and creative thinking, and to commit to the principles and ethics of the profession in order to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.

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– The voice of truth.

On the opportunities and challenges facing the media sector, especially in the light of the rapid technological development across the world, the Hon’ble Minister of Education said that today’s media landscape is diverse and has a mix of traditional and mixed media. Digital, in which message and concept are intertwined, and exposes the recipient to a vast stream of usable.

He pointed out that modern technologies play a fundamental role in shaping the future of media, especially artificial intelligence and other technologies that will change the shape of media as we know it, offering opportunities to disseminate information, opinion and analysis in new ways. . At the same time, it creates many challenges, symptoms of which we see today in the spread of fake news and the use of techniques such as deep fakes.

– Accept responsibility.

The Hon’ble Education Minister expressed confidence in the ability of the young media students to carry out the responsibility entrusted to them with all skill and integrity. Knowledge and a negative media that doesn’t care about the truth is like the difference in building society.” It is progressive and believes in the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence and strives to achieve sustainable growth and development for all its groups. And in backward societies ignorance and falsehood are prevalent among their members.

Ahmed al-Boutli/Mohammed Jaballah

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