January 30, 2023

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Raja Hussein’s daughter reveals improvements in her health

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The daughter of Egyptian actress Raja Hussein, who has made progress in her health, explained the reason why she was barred from attending a seminar on one side of her honor at the National Film Festival.

He apologized for not attending because he was suffering from back pain and confirmed that his mother was well.

According to the Sada al-Balad news website, he said, “My mother is fine now and she suffered from back pain after attending her honors ceremony at the National Film Festival.”

He added, “It was difficult for her to attend a seminar in her honor the next day at the Opera House in Jamalek, especially since she lives in the Sixth City on October.”

For his part, critic Magda Morris affirmed that honoring King Hussein, even if it appears secondary, is in fact part of a return to the rights of a large section of actors determined by the nature of the work they do in the lead roles..

He pointed out that Raja Hussain had decided to leave cinema twice in his life, one of which was his role sidelined in the film “The Migrant” and his desire to play a specific role..

He further added that honoring the President’s wife, Mrs. Indisar al-Sisi, last March was the culmination of her honorable life.


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