March 23, 2023

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Ranknick admits Manchester United's qualification for Champions League is unrealistic

Ranknick admits Manchester United’s qualification for Champions League is unrealistic

LONDON – Manchester United coach Ralph Ranknick has admitted that his team’s qualification for next season’s Champions League series is unrealistic.

Manchester United did not see much of its basic elements during their meeting with their guest Chelsea on Thursday in English Premier League football tomorrow.

Harry Maguire and Jadon Sancho are the latest additions to the list of those who will be left out of tomorrow’s scheduled match (Red Devils) against German coach Thomas Duchess.

The British News Agency (PA Media) has also reported that Manchester United have returned to play at Old Trafford, with much mass opposition, especially after their defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal. In the first four places. In the English Premier League rankings, qualify for the Champions League next season.

Manchester United are currently sixth in the English Premier League table with 34 games played, six points behind fourth-placed Arsenal, who have played 33 games and qualified for the Champions League next season.

“I do not think it makes sense now to continue talking and speculating about the Champions League,” Runknick said. “We have to be realistic.”

“Even if we win the remaining four matches in the tournament, it will not be in our hands. But what is in our hands is the way we play and the level of performance,” Rangnik added.

“Even next season, it’s important to end this season with the best game possible.”

Asked about the impact of qualifying for the Champions League on United’s contracts next season, Rangnick said: “Of course it would be good if we play in the Champions League next season, but it will affect other clubs as well. This is not just a problem for Manchester United.

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“The renovation of Bruno (Fernandez) shows that it is still possible – this club is attractive and has a new manager (Eric Den Hawk),” explained the German coach.

“With a new approach to a new coach and the way he wants to play, this club is still very interesting,” Ranknick said.

“I look forward to helping both Eric and the club. Everyone at United can make better use of it and change the whole approach next season so we can be a great team again,” the United boss revealed.

But for now, the focus is on facing Chelsea without many of the key players.

After Frenchman Paul Pogba, Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani and Luke Shaw, and Brazilian midfielder Fred proved that he was not ready when he returned to training, Aaron van-Pizza’s participation was in doubt.

Led by young Tunisian player Hannibal al-Majbri (19), who appeared at the team’s meeting with Liverpool, it looks like Rangnick will push many young elements into the game, with the exception of Alejandro Karnacho (17). Recently on the bench, as well as Alvaro Fernandez, 19, he wants to participate with the team.

“We will try to play the best team of these players available,” Ranknick stressed.