March 30, 2023

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Reasons why the artist’s daughter Rashwan Tawfiq refused to compromise with him

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The daughter of the best Egyptian artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, has rejected attempts to reconcile with her father after a controversy erupted in the media over her meeting with Rashwan Tawfiq on the show One of the People with Amr El-Laithi and crying over the problem with his daughter. .

Regarding the reasons for the best artist’s daughter’s refusal to compromise, Tawfiq’s lawyer Magdi Mahran said the youngest daughter “Aya” was adamant in her position and wanted her father to relinquish the power of attorney. In order to obtain the “salad” of the cause of the crisis, which was utterly rejected by the great artist, he insisted that he had the right to dispose of his money in such a way as he saw fit.

On the reasons for Rashwan’s daughter Tawfiq’s refusal to compromise, lawyer Magdi Mahran said in a phone interview on the “New Egypt” show that aired on the ETC screen that he was the owner of the reconciliation effort between the best artist and him. The daughter and first her son Muhammad Essam welcomed the compromise, but he refused. Correctly explained: “Mrs. Aya, the daughter of Rashwan Tawfiq, rejected the reconciliation outright in defiance of her father’s insistence that Rushwan Tawfiq was most welcome in the reconciliation effort.”

On the other hand, artist Rashwan Tawfiq said, “I did not revoke the power of attorney no matter what happened, the money from the banks was in my name, I was the giver, no one would do it. Always keep his word. “

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The best artist points out that with his youngest daughter, husband and grandson going into a bad psychological state due to the current crisis, he does not deny reconciliation with them, but rather fully welcomes him, saying, “I’m tired. Problems.”

The crisis has been going on for the past few days as artiste Rashwan Tawfiq has been having material differences between himself and his youngest daughter “Aiya” and several cases have been filed against him in court during a meeting with the media. Amr al-Laithi.