June 3, 2023

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Rushdie believes that his life story, like that of Abbas, includes: “The only difference between us is our name and race.”


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The resemblance of the late Egyptian artist Rushdie Abbas confirms that he hopes to create the life story of the late artist, pointing to the great resemblance between them. “The only difference between us is the name and the race.

Muhammed Momen, like Rushdie Abbas, hopes to impress audiences by covering the life story of the late artist in 2004, attracting attention and making sure to stay away from the media: “His brother Fikri Abbas, director Youssef Sharaf L-Din decided to take the life story of him and Rushdie Abbas,” And they were the advertising staff, I called Fikri and they told me I was like him and they wanted to meet me.

He said that the name and race were the only differences between him and Abbas, but that face, height and eye color were all completely identical between them.

He added in an interview with Al-Wadan: “The difference between me and the artist Rushdie Abbas is his name and race.

Abasa explained that the fit of the features, the tone of the voice, the size of the face and the length of the body make the viewer repeat the phrase “he creates forty similarities” or “Fula divides into two texts”. He said: “No one can see me like him. If I enter anywhere, I see people spitting on me. He is Rushdie Abbas, he came back or whatever.”

Artist Fikri Abbas is said to have decided to write a biography of his brother and turn it into a cinematic work.

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Momen commented, “The series ended after the death of Fikri Abbas, because he wrote the story of his life and died before it was over, in the hope that I was going to play in the championship, and disappeared from that moment. Includes the life story of Rushdie Abbas.”

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