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Saleh al-Amiri simulates walking in space on “Sirius 21”


Dubai: Yamama Patwan

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center has announced that Saleh al-Amiri, a pioneer of space simulation, has carried out a new experiment on “Sirius 21”, which includes simulation of a space flight after leaving spacecraft, according to a tweet from the Institute of Medical and Biological Research, Moscow, on Twitter. .

Al-Amiri is preparing to leave the isolated capsule on “Sirius 21” a week later, and next July 3rd he will spend the first Emirati mission with a crew of 5 to simulate life in space. Other astronauts from Russia and the United States.

The Emirates Space Simulation Project is a series of field experiments conducted before the start of space travel, with the aim of simulating the conditions in space, whether manned or otherwise, while at the same time providing significant insights into the critical conditions of space and providing valuable insights. Ways to better prepare for space travel, determine what techniques to use, understand the effects of isolation on human physiology and the human psyche, conduct experiments in space and ensure that adequate communications are maintained on the ground station.

The International Scientific Research Series at Ground Station (Sirius) falls within the framework of an international mission, which is being conducted on the ground-based testing campus of the Medical and Biological Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences in the capital. MOSCOW: The study of biomedical and psychological problems in humans caused by isolation and stunted motion in space and “serious” missions are engaged in drawing the scene for real-world operations within the framework of sending humans into space after various stages. Including, launching, reaching orbit, then landing and finally returning to Earth.

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