February 7, 2023

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Sami Magawri: Young People Use Me to Communicate With Time, And I'm Not An Extension Of Hassan Hosni |  Video

Sami Magawri: Young People Use Me to Communicate With Time, And I’m Not An Extension Of Hassan Hosni | Video

Artist Sami Makhouri has recently starred in a number of works starring young artists, including the film “Zombie” which premiered during the Eid al-Fitr film season and the film that will be screened in the series “The House of My House”. May 26 on the “Shahid” platform, and two works from the horror standard.

While hosting the “New Egypt” show hosted by Engy Anwar on ETC Channel, Sami Magawri said: The topic of horror in youth work has become the fashion of the present era and they use me because they need actors. In our age.

He added: I have collaborated with director Khalid Murray on more than one role, including The Good and the Evil, but my role in “The House of My House” is confusing, sometimes skeptical and at times optimistic.

He continued: Although this kind of technique is very difficult, it helps me to communicate with time and gives me new experience in motion, montage, photography and lighting.

In answer to a question, do you feel like an extension of the late Hassan Hosni in this regard? He said: I have not yet qualified to be his extension. Having entered radio at a young age and being one of the radio legends, Hassan Hosni may have indirectly benefited from his lifestyle. And work.

Ahmed Abdel Wahab and Kareem Sami wrote the series “The House of My House” directed by Khalid Merhi, starring Mustafa Qadir, Kareem Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mirna Jameel, May Al-Qadi and Sami Magawri.

“Zombie” is written by Amin Kamal and directed by Amr Salah and stars Ali Rabi, Hamdi Al-Mirgani, Kareem Afifi, Hajar Ahmed, Mohammad Odaka, Arefa Abdel-Rasool, Mohammad Mahmood and many more.

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