March 28, 2023

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Samsung is making a historic change in the world of electronics

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Samsung has announced its collaboration with IBM to develop new technologies that will revolutionize the electronics world.

As a result of the collaboration with IBM, Samsung has developed a new technology for making electronic chips with 1 nanometer technology, instead of installing horizontally to occupy large areas, by installing a large number of transistors perpendicular to the chip.

Samsung explained that VTFETs technology for vertical power transfer would allow the processor performance to be nearly doubled, and that the power consumption on electronic devices would save about 85% compared to the FinFET technology used in the latest current processors.

Experts hope that the new technology will help develop high-performance processors that can be used in phones, computers, smart devices and many other electronic devices used in the fields of transportation, aerospace and communications in the future.

During a technology event dedicated to reviewing its new technologies, Samsung pointed out, “The current global shortage of semiconductors for electronics highlights the need for investment and research in the field of electronic chips, and the importance of the advanced ones. Including fields.

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Earlier this year, IBM announced the launch of its first electronic chip with 2 nanometer technology.

Source: ixbit

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