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Samsung plans to support the Galaxy Watch 6 Hour with a more powerful processor chip


belbalady.net Samsung has started working on a new generation of smartwatches, and recent leaks have revealed the upcoming Galaxy Watch6 series to support a unique processor chip with strong performance.

Leaks recently tend to shed light on the upcoming Galaxy Watch6 series from Samsung and the unique specifications of the next generation of Samsung smartwatches.

Recent leaks have confirmed that the Korean company will offer the Galaxy Watch6 Pro with a recyclable frame that was introduced in the previous Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

If the new chip is known as the Exynos W980 processor, the latest leaks confirmed that the Galaxy Watch6 series will come with a processor chip that supports the next generation with strong performance.

The leaks also show that the Exynos W980 chip comes with 10% stronger performance compared to the current Exynos W920 processor offered in previous Samsung versions of the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5.

The predictions also indicate that the new Exynos W980 chip is based on a 5-nanometer manufacturing process, and the improved Samsung manufacturing process is expected to support lower battery consumption in next-generation Samsung watches.

Previous leaks have suggested that the Galaxy Watch6 series will come with a larger screen size, thinner bezels and larger battery capacity.


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