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Sand Agak, a designer, shines at the Dubai Expo … Inspired by this civilization


Presented by Costume DesignerSand AgakA new design in the fashion world, during the visit of Miss Britain Emma Rose Collingridge to the United Arab Emirates.

In a statement to Lahta, Ajaz said his design was inspired by Britain’s ancient history and architectural culture.
With the first visit of Miss Britain Emma Rose Collingridge to the United Arab Emirates, she wanted the costume designer and expo to be a global event, an important event. During her participation in the Emirates and the World, and the UK Expo, for this reason, she decided to design a product for Miss Britain, telling her about her identity and the history of her country. From the Dubai Expo.
Ajaz explained that the design was unique, and that he worked with his team at his fashion house, numbering about 38 people.
And Manal Ajaz expressed his delight with the positive responses he got to his new design.
In terms of design, Sand Ajaz confirmed that it was a royal dress made of hand-embroidered silk and gold threads, inlaid with Swarovski stones and precious stones such as emerald, sapphire and ruby, and many more. Includes the history of the lighthouses in London, its historic walls, and Buckingham Palace in London, one of the oldest historical buildings, the official residence of the British monarchs, and this style. Manal Agak talks about the Big Clock Tower, also known as the Big Clock Penn, the most famous historical monument in the United Kingdom, which was renamed the Elizabeth Tower, after His Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
As for the secret of choosing the color gold, Ajaz continued, he chose this color as the primary color, which reflects the sun in the foggy city, noting that the idea was completed with a helmet made of gold and a wide dress. Shows Big Penn Decorative Shields and Symbols from Thorns and Leeks, Shamrock and Tudor Rose.
Miss Britain Emma Rose Collingridge expressed her appreciation for the design, saying that she is proud of this wonderful work, while the product was well received by the pioneers of social networking and many celebrities such as journalist Mustafa al-Aqa. He also praised the new design of the sand agave.

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