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Saudi Arabia shares its treasures and civilization with the world at Expo 2020 Dubai


Dubai: “Gulf”

With the digital fountain, the Saudi Arabia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai received its audience; Taking them on a journey of time to explore the natural and human elements of the kingdom, it has qualified as one of the most important and strong economies in the world, and one of the most important countries in tourism and investment destinations with a bright and sustainable future as mentioned in Vision 2030.
During the opening ceremony of the pavilion, he offered the Najd prayer, explaining its meanings and the details of the Saudi dress through the outer screen of the pavilion. Through the six-month Dubai World Exhibition hosted by the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom shared with the world its cultural treasures, natural wonders and various ecosystems, its vibrant cities, beautiful villages and the cultural diversity of its community through the Kingdom. Pavilion at the Expo.
Visitors to the pavilion in the reception area get a closer look at the beauty of the kingdom, which is represented in five pure ecosystems, namely, “the lush greenery of Al Bardani, the beach like Forsyth Island, the desert lands like the plain quarter and the sea environment like the Red Sea and Tabuk, reflecting the mountains” Traditional Ladder ”simulates 14 heritage sites, including UNESCO registered sites.
After climbing the traditional ladder, the viewer “land and people”, an area exposed by a 320 square meter LED screen, reveals the special relationship and bonds that bind the Saudi community to their land.
In the “Future Corridor”, future plans and investment opportunities are inspired by the future of the Kingdom, and visitors go under a crystal hanging on the ceiling to mark “Vision 2030” to create a prosperous future. Complete the walkway to the view area.
Through a unique work, the viewer experiences a work of audio-visual art on an interactive platform that expresses the multifaceted essence of the kingdom. Guide the visitor to the discovery center.
The Discovery Center provides over a thousand graphic information covering all aspects of the kingdom, through a digital interactive table in the form of a map of the kingdom. The visitor can then see the curtains of the water palm gardens.
The Saudi pavilion is adorned with two hanging gardens, surrounded by palms, displayed by interactive panels, a selection of wild plants and animals, found in the ecosystem of the kingdom, in addition to the 90 square meter digital water curtain allowing visitors to choose from a variety of decorations based on parts of the kingdom.
After his visit to the pavilion, the visitor can visit the “Chart”, which is a restaurant, souvenir shop and a complex containing sweets and ice cream section, where its corridors are decorated with pictures covering various aspects of life. Parts of the Kingdom and a Saudi group tell the stories of these areas, and the restaurant serves Saudi food in a unique way that, in addition to Arabian coffee, has the aroma of the regions of the Kingdom.

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