March 23, 2023

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Scientists are demonstrating the ability of piper in black pepper to control “Govit-19”


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Black pepper

Scientists at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology have demonstrated that piper can prevent the spread of the growing corona virus.

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According to Olga Astromova, a senior researcher at the Institute of Biomedicines and the Institute of Cytology, SARS-CoV-2, a drug that blocks proteins on the surface of human cells that use SARS-CoV-2 to attach to human cells, can help reduce rates. “Govit-19” localization. As the virus constantly changes, so do these proteins, so current drugs are ineffective.

Furthermore, he explains that this study is dedicated to the detection of adhesions of fat cells of human cells and the growing corona virus, which do not inhibit protein compounds.

“For this we used alkaloids of plant origin, and the most effective compound is piperine in black pepper, which is used in active biological supplements and medicine,” he says.

He goes on to say that as piper changes the lipid membrane properties of the growing corona virus, its proliferation will be halted because it loses the ability of human cells to integrate with the lipid membrane, which prevents its penetration. Govit-19 disease cannot resist piperine because SARS-CoV-2 cannot completely shed its fatty membrane, which is practically untouched by mutations.

Source: “Izvestia” newspaper