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Scientists have discovered a strange body orbiting the earth.. What is it?


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A practical study conducted by researchers in the space industry revealed that there is a second part of the Moon that orbits the Earth but is gravitationally bound to the Sun.

According to scientists at the Space Science Institute in the US state of Colorado, the region was separated thousands of years ago.

After more than half a century of controversy, scientists are now studying this particular region and its impact on Earth. Earth’s Moon May Not Be Alone!

The aforementioned body is called “Como Oliva” and it separated from the Moon a long time ago…hence it was called “Half Moon”.

It was discovered in 2016 by experts using the PanSTARRS telescope on Hawaii’s Haleakala volcano.

At the time, scientists were unsure of its nature due to the large number of violent collisions between rocks, asteroids and meteorites.

Experts believe that the ancient cosmic companion was in the vicinity of Earth 100 years ago, B.C.

Scientists have discovered that a newly discovered “half moon” orbits the Earth but is gravitationally bound to the Sun. Stronger than its connection to Earth.

In future research, scientists will try to study the craters on the moon’s surface to find out which of them could be the birthplace of this asteroid.

Scientists have called for a “Camo Olio” probe by sending satellites.

The “Sky News Arabia” website quoted Majdi Saad, editor-in-chief of the Lebanese magazine Science and World, as saying that telescopes are now periodically observing some near-Earth rocks. , and goes with the Earth in its rotation around the Sun, hence it is called a half-moon.

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Also, “It is similar to the Moon, not the Moon as it is not affected by the Earth’s gravitational pull, meaning the Sun controls its motion around the Sun, unlike the Earth’s Moon.”

And this rock is not the only one called moon equivalent, in 2016 we found one, and in 2020 a rock entered near Earth and stayed for 3 years and then disappeared.

Two months ago we found a new rock.. It was there 100 years BC.. It was there till 3700 years AD, then it will be gone.

These rocks, however small, pose a great danger to us, cities and all of humanity.


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