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Sharjah Culture Exposed Critical Writings Open Thread | Hajjaj Salame



Sharjah Culture Exposed Critical Writings Open Thread |  Hajjaj Salame

Finally, Issue 70 of Sharjah Culture Magazine for the month of August 2022 AD, published by the Department of Culture in Sharjah, has been released. The editorial dwells on the strong and unique relationship between poetry and civilization. Creating, exploring and excavating roots, history and times, and it is a relationship of give and take, conveyance and arrival, influence and influence. Poetry documents events, days and glowing and painful stations while preserving the vocabulary of tradition. It is a memory of civilization and a record of its activities. He paved the way for interaction with other civilizations in the best forms of human interaction and combination. The value of poetry is in all aspects of life. A true expression of longings, dreams, pains and aspirations and represents the best representation of freedom, justice, faith and patriotism.

Criticism reflects the literary text creatively

As for the Managing Editor, Nawaf Younes; In the essay “Criticism Follows the Creative Text,” he observes that some critical writings have become open-ended or similar statements that focus on the content of the creative text and are content to interpret and interpret the text. Closer to school subjects, after establishing the concept of real criticism that distinguishes students who forget that creative text is accessible and rely on common sense and information, the work of students should rise to the level of a critic. , and the creative artist critic, through his critical reading, gives us a first-hand view of the creative text as it interacts intellectually and technically.

He considered that if criticism is a civilized act, the writer’s acceptance of criticism is also a civilized act, for the critic, like the writer, must have the tools and ability to produce creative critical discourse. Author’s text.

Al-Masudi and Arabic Geographical Literature

Details of the contents of the issue; Yaqzan Mustafa, one of the main figures of Arab and Muslim scholars, Al-Masudi and Arabic geographical literature, Bin Muhammad in the city of Aba, considered the capital of Arab tourism, is one of the famous summer resorts of Saudi. Arabia.

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As for the section “Literature and Writers”; Faiza Mustafa presented a festive atmosphere at the Sharjah-UNESCO prize distribution in the capital Paris, as winners appreciated Sharjah’s unique role in promoting culture and promoting harmony among people. Muhammad Saber is between Arab Naguib Mahfooz (physician) and Naguib Mahfooz (writer), both of whom sought intelligence and excellence, and Dr. Reda Attia, writer Ibrahim Abdel Majid and changes in his story plan, and Wajih Hassan considered the talented novelist not a documentary in the historical sense, and Abdullah bin Naji intervened in the novel “Forty Laws of Love”. , the aesthetics of construction and acquisition, according to Elif Shafaq and Hisham Adra, wrote about the poet Adnan Kitas who recited poetry on the strings of life, while Hala Abdel-Hadi traced the journey of the novelist Tariq Imam. Travel through time, and Ahmad al-Landy interviewed the novelist Zahran al-Qasimi, confirming that he was the first driver of poetic creativity, and Ammar Abdel-Monim wrote about the national anthem of the Sudanese Prince Ahmad Mohamed Saleh Sahib. Zamjam read the biography of writer and poet Ahmed Ali Hasan, one of the most important founders of the literary movement. Muhammad Khalil, how the writer and poet Ihsan Abbas spent his life in the service of Arabic tradition and literature. A reading on the figures of father and mother in the poetry of Hassan al-Zahrani, and the novelist Khalil Bidas Anwar al-Tishnawi, who left an influential mark on Arabic literature, and Abdullah al-Muttaqi conducts an interview with the poet Samira al-Bauzid, whose poetry attempts to break the horizon of waiting. confirmed that, and Kadar Muhammad Abdo wrote, novelist Mohammed Al-Arab Booker Prize winner Naas addressed his aesthetic vision of the Arab novel scene, Ashraf Essad interviewed author Sherin Hanai, who expressed her happiness with the participation of her books (at the Sharjah Book Fair).

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The Poetry of Place

In the section “Art. Chord. Feather”; We read the following titles: Ismat Doustashi: I Paint Because I’m Still Alive – Sama Rajab, artist Hammoud Shandout. .. A shining sign on the stage – Mohammed Ismail, Abdul-Jabbar Lussier, through the physical comedy art of moral values ​​- by Muhammad Al-Azzawi, “Daughters of Abdel Rahman” film, social drama Arab women’s concerns – by Indisar Tartir, Denzel Washington.. ( Macbeth) presented cinematically – Osama Azal, Abdelwahab Dougali, Dean of Moroccan song – Bousaib Al-Tabar.

On the other hand; This issue contained standard articles, namely: The Meaning of Writing – Dr. Muhammad Ramsis, Japan.. Travels and Attitudes – By Mustafa Abdullah, d. Abdul Rahman’s Passions and Lifetime Journeys – Edital Othman, Women of Novels.. From Paper or Imagination – Nabil Sulaiman, Emile Zola and the Head of Natural Currents in Literature – By Novelist Ezzedine Buraka. Fatiha Murshid and the Questions of the Era – Ibrahim Al-Gharawi, One of the Functions of Symbolism in Modern Poetry – By Dr. Hatem Al-Fatnasy, Faces.. Like the Days – by Anisa Abboud, Salah Stetia.. Thinker in the eighth color of poetry – Dr. Bahja Masri Idlibi, Translation Diya al-Janafi, The Dialectic of the Relationship between Persuasion and Affect – Sawson Muhammad Kamal, The Poetics of Idea in Literary Work – Dr. “The Scattered Spirit” by the poet Hamdi Ali al-Din, the symbolic, imaginative and valuable Mazen Akhtam Sulaiman – Dr. MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD ISA, THE HERO, STORYTELLER AND LISTENER IN THE POPULAR BIOGRAPHY – BY DR. Bakkur, Muhammad Is el-Din Hariri and Allegorical Storytelling in His Poetry – Insights from Martley, “The Magic Wand” by Camelia Abdel Fattah, Between the Ideal of Proposition and the Language of Neutrality – Mr. Shaleel, Physics of Creation and Elements of Expression – Najwa al-Maghrabi, The Vitality of Criticism and Its Paths – Rachid al-Khuthiri, Poetic Theater al-Arabi – Rath Aman, Language of Music – Rahim Hasavi.

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Historical novel

Also in the “Under the Spotlight” Readings and Publications section: A forty-year friendship between Shawqi and Shakib Arslan – Nadia Omar, “In Empty Cages” by Fatima Qandil, a poem in language – Saud Saeed Noah, “Kingdom of Crows” a novel for young adults – Soraya Abdel-Badi’ , Historical Novel Arabic – Abrar al-Agha, Digitizing the Arabic Novel – Indisar Abbas, Kamel al-Talmisani, written by one of the founders of cinematic narrative – Tia Hamed, “Bringer of warmth to the city” as a symbol of fulfillment of wishes between tricks, imaginations and feelings – Mustafa Khanaim, The Spirit of Conservatism and the Trend of Renewal – Nagla Mamoon.

The magazine dedicates space to short stories and translations for a group of Arabic writers and creators, such as: Karam al-Sabaq, “The Lightness of Asfour” story, “Al-Najwa” creates the event in the story. An Asfour” – review / by Adnan Kasara, Ghazan Hadad, “Crust of Bread”, a short story, Muhammad Mahmoud Othman “Possible Happiness” a short story, the fourth ending “With the taste of coffee” a short story. The story, Amr Mustafa “The Crutches” is a short story that raised the affection “Always under the light”, translated in addition to Fawaz al-Shar’s “Literature” and the tradition of Abdel Razzaq Ismail. Includes Aesthetics of Language, Poems of Singers, Oasis of Poetry, and Fountains of Language.

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Contra: New information released for Operation Kaluga



Contra: New information released for Operation Kaluga

Konami Digital Entertainment BV and WayForward today announced new details about Contra: Operation Galuga, the highly anticipated action runner and shooter coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.

The new information was revealed in a new trailer, which confirms that the list of playable characters and exciting stories will add excitement to the action-packed side-scroller of the Contra series known since the 1980s.

Based on the story and heroes of the original arcade/NES Contra game, Contra: Operation Kaluga begins after the Red Falcon gang invades the Kaluga island group with a meteor shower. After other solutions fail, the Earth Marine Corps sends its best soldiers – Bill Reiser and Lance Bean of the Contra Unit – to investigate and eliminate potential threats. As the story mode progresses, more than six awesome heroes become available to play, including:

  • Bill Reiser: A field commander for the Contra Division, he possesses exceptional physical strength, agility and mental strength. Skilled in all kinds of weapons and versed in military science.
  • Lance Bean: Skilled sniper in the use of machines. He served as a guerilla fighter before being recruited into the Earth Marine Corps by Bill Riser.
  • Ariana: An incredibly skilled warrior from the Kaluga Islands group. After her village is completely destroyed by a Red Falcon attack, she fights as a human against the enemy forces.
  • Stanley Ironside: An experienced commander commands an armored platoon in a GX army. He wears the Hercules Super Suit to enhance his combat prowess.
  • Lucia: Earth is the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps and an accomplished field agent. He is equally adept at warfare and secret intelligence work.
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In addition to the story mode and arcade mode, Contra: Operation Kaluga will include a challenge mode, which consists of 30 exciting and difficult missions. These missions include sprinting through levels, fighting with limited ammo, surviving against an endless amount of enemies, and more.

To help players through difficult battles, they can upgrade their skills in the Perk Shop, where they can use in-game credits (not purchased with real money) to improve character abilities, start levels with specific weapons, and increase defenses after returning to play. , and get other useful rewards. Two add-ons can be used per player.

More details about Contra: Operation Kaluga’s gameplay, characters, and story will be revealed closer to the game’s release date. For more information, visit the website Konami Follow ContraSoldier, Konami and WayForward on X, Facebook and other social media.

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Reham Abdel Ghafoor’s mother was discharged from hospital after her condition improved.



Reham Abdel Ghafoor’s mother was discharged from hospital after her condition improved.

Written by Ali al-Kashudi

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 11:32 PM

A source close to the late great artist’s family revealed Ashraf Abdel GhafoorFor the seventh day, the late artist’s wife Reham Abdel Ghafoor’s mother was discharged from the hospital after her condition improved.

Sources indicate that late great Ashraf Abdel Kafur’s wife learned of her husband’s death after the family hid it from her.

Artist Ashraf Abdel Ghafoor, who died in clashes last Sunday, was a prolific artist who presented nearly 300 works of art in his career and owned about 100 religious and historical works, including his roles in the “Muhammad, Messenger of God” series. and “Imam Malik” and his likeness. For the role of “Sayyid bin Jubair” in the series “Greatest in History”, the Abbasid Caliph “Musa al-Hadi” in the series “Harun al-Rashid”, and the role of Sultan al-Ulama al-Is bin Abdul Salam in the series “Imams of Guidance”, operetta performances ( (Audio Book) Audio performance by Ashraf Abdel Ghafoor for several books in the series, in addition to his participation in episodes of Muhammadiyah Nights) and the program “Names of God”.

Ashraf Abdel Ghafoor was one of the first stars to gain his stardom through the television screen, he starred in the series “Cairo and the People” during the inception of television, one of the most important television series. For five years Abdel Ghafoor is considered one of the stars of the National Theater and one of its loyal sons, where he presented, since he joined it in 1963 until now, this theater has produced about 35 plays, most of them important works. The history of the national theater such as “Suleiman al-Halabi”, “The night of Guevara’s death”, “Acres of my homeland” and “Fire and olives”.

See also  Reham Abdel Ghafoor's mother was discharged from hospital after her condition improved.

As for cinema, Ashraf Abdel Kafur, although he graduated from the first batch of a high-class cinema institute, had no luck with him, he began his career, like any budding actor, in small roles that grew into a second star. roles, after which relations between him and her fell apart and he wanted to return to his first home, which was television. During this journey, his relationship with the National Theater was never severed.

He participated in many television works, among them, “My Reckoning with the Days,” “Zahrat al-Jabal,” “The Halal Mountain,” “The Prayer of the Past,” “Cairo and the People. ,” “A knight without a horse,” “The accused is my father Hazrat,” and “He was brought up in Eso and others.

He delivered a group of famous films that are still etched in the minds of the audience, including “The Devil”, “Men in the Trap”, “The Voice of Love”, “Back Streets”, “Nothing Matters” and many more. Cinematic works.

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9 films won Red Sea Film Festival Market Awards



9 films won Red Sea Film Festival Market Awards

The Red Sea International Film Festival was notable for the participation of art and cinema stars from different parts of the world led by Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Catherine Deneuve, Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara, Turkish star Burak Ocivid, Nabila Obaid, Yuzra, Laila. LV, Hoda Hussain and Abdullah. Al-Satan, Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr, Sadiq Behbehani, Karis Bashar, Carmen Pasfaz, Nadine Najeem, Magui Bou Khosn, Jamal Sinan, et al.

The cash and in-kind winners of the Red Sea Market Awards were announced earlier yesterday, fostering new talent among filmmakers in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and Africa, who read and reviewed competing works. , and 3 judging panels came to their conclusions, namely Projects Market Project, Works in Progress and Series Factory. , to select 9 winning projects, whose owners can benefit from prizes awarded by the Red Sea Fund. Prizes were distributed by the partners of the festival.

The works-in-progress project jury selected two projects, in which Hugo Salvador’s “Simba” project won the $10,000 Red Sea Market post-production jury award, and Amir Fakhruddin’s Yunan project won the post-production award. Worth $30,000. The Projects Market jury selected 3 winners from 12 competing projects, and the following projects won prizes: Daniel Arbitt’s Unity of Love Triumphs project, which won the Jury’s Special Commendation Award, $25,000. It also won. Red Sea Development Market Prize, valued at $35. One thousand dollars for the project “Forty-one” by Same Ala, along with a production award of 100 thousand dollars, won by the project “The Return of the Prodigal Son”. ” Rani Masalha.

The Project Market Jury selected 4 winning films from 12 competing projects from Red Sea Lodge with a $50,000 production award for each project. Amal Yusuf’s project “In the Company of Belles” won the awards. Vinzo Nshoko’s project “A Wonderful Story” Naisha Nimubaya directed “Black Snake” and Fatima Riahi’s “My Father Killed Bourguiba” project.

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Additional Red Sea Market Partner Awards: Arab Cinema Center, Arab Radio and Television Network (ART), Cinewaves Films, Idra, Mad Solutions, MBC/Shahid Academy, Oticons, Shift Studios and Tetrafilm.

A panel of judges from the Continuum Laboratory within Red Sea Laboratories selected the two winning projects and awarded them a cash prize of $10,000. The award was won by two projects, “The Guide’s Eye” and “Our”, written by Saleh Al-Hamad. Sun is Sweeter” project by Hana Saleh Al-Fasi.

The festival has a variety of events and programs including seminars, lectures and workshops aimed at improving interaction and communication between filmmakers and audiences. It has more than 64 different films including 36 long and short films from Saudi Arabia. , and 11 films in the “Arabic Masterpieces” category. », plus 17 films ranging from fiction, documentaries and animation from across Asia, Africa and the Arab world. The festival is a great platform for new creators to showcase their work and learn about the latest innovations in the film industry.

Michael Mann’s Oscar-nominated biopic Ferrari (2023), starring Adam Driver and Penelope, wraps up the Middle East and North Africa premiere the day after tomorrow, the 9th of this month. Cruise. The curtain will rise with a special screening for the festival and its programs. For Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Boy and the Heron” (2023), produced by Studio Ghibli.

Honoring Abdullah Al Sadan, the pioneer of Saudi drama

Both Sathan starred alongside Johnny Depp

The Red Sea Film Festival honored Saudi artist and writer Abdullah Al Sadan as a pioneer in Saudi theater.

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After receiving his honor, Al-Satan said, “I dedicate this prize to all those who have contributed to Saudi drama with us, living and dead, who have contributed while we dig into the rock, and who have engaged in creative endeavors. Happy Red Sea Festival to every creative artist who is not generous.” Cinema.

Al-Satan is credited with founding theater in Saudi Arabia, with the participation of his colleague Nasser Al-Qassabi, whose names have been linked for years through their famous art project “Tash Ma Tash”. The reason for honoring Al-Satan is very important as he works to deliver 18 a year with a total of 18 episodes, one of the most important television projects in the Gulf and Arab countries.

Al-Satan will participate in the ceremony by showing his film “Noura”, the world premiere of the film produced by Tawfiq Al-Zaidi, Naja Al-Hajjar and Sherif Al-Majali and starring Abdullah Al-Satan, Yaqub. Al-Farhan, Maria Bahrawi, and Aisha Key.

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