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“Smile” is in good shape to cool the vaccines that stunned Bill Gates at Dubai Expo 2020.

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When she began her journey of creativity seven years ago, Kitty Liao, founder and CEO of the British company Ideabatic, did not expect her community project to attract the attention of Microsoft founder and philanthropist and philanthropist who went to the Expo. 2020 Dubai last week. But Bill was already very interested in this humanitarian project, which is currently on display at the “Creative in Good” pavilion at Expo Live, and wanted to know how to load vaccines and prevent them from freezing.

Leo said, “My community project has won many awards, and while working for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) I participated in the Humanitarian Operation Hackathon, and I became aware for the first time of all serious issues related to distribution. Vaccines for remote areas.”

He added, “I was shocked because so many vaccines spoil before they reach their destination, and because of the rough terrain, millions of people die of easily preventable diseases over the course of several days’ travel. Vaccines do not come because half of them are wasted.”

Vaccines are transported livestock to remote areas, which may not be a better solution. “Vaccines are basically kept in a cool box, just like the one you take with you on tour. Ice cube bags are used to cool them, but they are not. They do not provide the right temperature during release (vaccines should be kept at 2-8 degrees Celsius). Here, the potential for vaccine spoilage is very high, and from this point on I have thought of a better solution based on my experience in electronic engineering and physics and many years of practical experience in refrigeration systems.

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As a result, with the funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the UK Innovation Agency and the Expo 2020 Global Partnership and Innovation Program, the “Smile” system came to light, supporting innovative and creative solutions that have a real impact on humans. Helping the lives, and communities around the world have a brighter future With all the works and ideas of the Expo Live projects of global innovators from 76 countries, a prototype of this organization is currently on display at Expo Live’s Innovators for Good Pavilion.

Regarding the “smile” system, Liao explained: “It has a hexagonal bag, a wheel similar to the inner belt, and the user can rotate it and select the vaccine storage chamber he wants to manage, and the bag itself is open. We designed it to eliminate the element of human error, because one of the drawbacks of the traditional cold box is that it can open the box, which spoils the rest of the vaccines.

The structure is elegant and simple, and it can be carried in a backpack, which is ideal when going on rivers or crossing rough terrain.

Liao and medical officials in Madagascar conducted a field test of the smile system, which has proven successful, but he still faces challenges in finding the right investors and partners to finance and provide ideas to relevant companies around the world. Use it, he says Expo is the place to help them achieve this.

“I think Expo 2020 contributes to public awareness, can inspire more people to support projects like this, can inspire innovation. Those I have met are very interested, so Expo 2020 is a great platform,” Liao said.

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Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and humanitarian and philanthropist who visited the Expo earlier this week, was very interested in the project, and Liao explains: “He wanted to know how to download vaccines and how to prevent them. The refrigerator may be more expensive than the unit, which is true, but if we take into account the value of wasted vaccines we can save millions by preventing wastage.

Meaningful comments from the world’s fourth-richest man will help finance Liao and partners to illustrate the whole product green. But that does not stop it from coming up with more ideas in the meantime, he says: “We are constantly developing the current” smile “system and are constantly trying to advance in the field of research and development, for example, we have added an electronic feature that displays temperature information and how long the ice cubes We’ve estimated how many villages it can reach, or if you’ve needed to change those packs, as well as make the equipment. With him a surveillance device. “

Expo Live offers innovations and ideas from every corner of the globe, many of which are now on display at the Creators for Good Pavilion. The program has received over 11,000 applications from 184 countries and currently supports 140 users in 76 countries, with IdeaPadak’s smile system being just one example.